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Hooray! You’re engaged; a wedding is on the horizon; this marks an exciting chapter in your life! Making this moment as special as possible requires planning ahead to avoid any last-minute panics. Wedding events planning can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to making pre arrangements about venues, catering, and other wedding services.

Although some people are spontaneous and don’t like organizing their activities, a wedding checklist is a vital method to keep track of everything and ensure it’s in proper sequence. This article will help you build a wedding timeline checklist to figure out how to plan a wedding smoothly and joyfully.

Pick the venue

Planning a wedding without a reasonable wedding checklist can be very stressful, particularly when it comes to finding a suitable venue. Choosing the right place is critical to setting the tone for your special day and ensuring guests are comfortable throughout the celebration.

Once you’ve prepared your wedding to do list, take the time to explore your options and select a venue that fits your number of guests, budget, and event style. The last thing you want on your wedding day is guests bumping into each other on the dance floor or a photographer trying to gather people in a single spot for some photos due to the extra large hall. If you think that’s fine, how about a wedding venue with royal decoration while going after a rustic wedding theme? 

Choose a venue that fits your vision

Before planning a wedding checklist, make up your mind about the wedding theme. Imagine every single activity of your long-awaited ceremony; only then can you draft a simple wedding checklist based on your preferences. Although defining a wedding vision might seem tedious, it’s essential to guarantee everything goes well on your memorable day.

Remember that selecting a venue that is compatible with your vision is critical, and it has to be on top of your wedding checklist. Before deciding on the venue, you must visit the place and feel connected. Don’t overthink it as you read; you will feel it deep in your soul when you find the right place.

Know your guest list

You can’t learn how to plan a wedding without caring for the guest list in the first place. When planning a wedding checklist, you must know the approximate number of guests you will invite. Consequently, consider an appropriate venue to accommodate the number of guests attending your wedding.

Determining the guest list is not just important for the venue but also for many other steps on your wedding to do list. Think about the food and appropriate catering services, the sound systems and their distribution around the place, or even the number of invitations you need to print.

Another very important factor is transportation, parking, and accommodation. When planning a distant wedding, you must consider the guests’ journey and comfortable accommodation. Otherwise, the parking is necessary to plan earlier because it might be hard finding parking around many LA venues.

Know your budget

Your budget dictates everything in your wedding, starting with the venue and ending with catering, DJ, lighting, themes, photo shooting, cutlery, and much more. Once you start planning a wedding checklist, keep the financials in mind and act accordingly; don’t exaggerate and plan a wedding beyond your budget limitations because you’ll end up disappointed eventually.

Nowadays, many couples are planning their wedding budgets together; for some, the wedding ceremony and party are more important than the luxury honeymoon; meanwhile, for others, the wedding is just a small cozy gathering, and their eyes will be on the distant one-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

Choose your vendors

When planning a wedding timeline checklist, the most difficult step is selecting vendors. Best-in-class vendors are typically reserved months in advance, so you must begin this process as early as possible if you want a perfect wedding.

Your choice of vendors will determine your event’s overall style and feel; the food, flowers, wedding décor ideas, music, and others. It is important to take the time to carefully review several options when choosing the right vendors who will meet your needs perfectly. 

A useful piece of advice while planning a wedding checklist is to consider reading reviews, comparing prices, and seeking recommendations from friends and family members who have recently married. Additionally, when contacting vendors, negotiate prices and get a good deal, especially if your big day is outside the wedding season.

As a final note, it is crucial to choose a vendor who matches your personality. Considering that you will be working with the vendor extensively. You will endure an unpleasant planning period if your personalities clash or you cannot tolerate their presence. Therefore, upon planning your wedding timeline checklist, make sure you choose a vendor with whom you are comfortable conversing and spending time. Doing so will make the entire process more enjoyable.

If you want some tips on wedding events planning, or you don’t feel like contacting vendors yourself, you can always hire a wedding planner to assist you along the way.

Keep COVID in mind

COVID-19 hit wedding seasons hard, causing many couples to cancel their celebrations or change their plans accordingly; the pandemic-driven circumstances pushed couples worldwide to reconsider their wedding traditions and timeline and create more meaningful celebrations.

Since travel arrangements may be compromised, particularly for international guests, it takes a few extra considerations while planning a wedding checklist. However, no matter how unpredictable these setbacks may be, preparing for them is essential to creating a perfect wedding details checklist

When planning your wedding during COVID, it can be challenging. But remember, this is your big day, and you don’t want to get infected on such a special occasion. Similarly, you don’t want your loved ones to get sick as well.

Wedding venues hosting events during COVID must comply with all necessary restrictions. The first step is ensuring every venue employee on the site wears a mask. You must also inquire about the hall’s social distancing rules; moreover, check its suitability regarding how many people will attend your wedding. Lastly, check whether the venue offers outdoor events settings or only indoors. In some cases, outdoor wedding celebrations might be better to avoid COVID-19 as much as possible.

Stress now. Enjoy later

With your wedding only a few months away, it is okay to feel stressed to some extent since it will keep you alert and prevent complacency. A well-thought wedding checklist, however, can be very helpful as it gives you a better understanding of what is happening and how best to handle any setbacks that may arise while preparing for your perfect wedding.


We hope this wedding checklist will give you the confidence to plan each stage of your wedding with ease, no matter how far your wedding day seems. Keeping in mind that each wedding is unique in its way makes it impossible for one guide to cover all aspects of planning one. It is important to remember that a wedding is a special day that should be celebrated joyfully and in a memorable way.

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