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Summer weddings are magical, filled with sunshine, warm weather, and the opportunity to use fresh, seasonal ingredients in your wedding menu. Choosing the right menu can elevate your wedding and leave your guests raving about the food for years.

The Appeal of a Summer Wedding

A summer wedding offers a plethora of food options. The season is ripe with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood that can be used to create a menu that is as vibrant and refreshing as a summer breeze. Summer is the season of abundance, with produce like berries, tomatoes, peaches, corn, and cucumbers at their peak, offering a unique opportunity to incorporate these fresh ingredients into your wedding menu.

Appetizers and Starters

Kick off your wedding reception with light and refreshing starters. Consider options like a fresh garden salad with seasonal vegetables, a seafood platter with chilled shrimp and oysters, or a fruit gazpacho. These dishes are perfect for a hot summer day and will whet your guests’ appetites for the main course. You could also consider:

  • Caprese skewers with ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil
  • Mini lobster rolls served in a light, buttery bun
  • Fresh spring rolls with summer vegetables and a tangy dipping sauce

Main Courses

When it comes to the main course, think light and flavorful. Grilled fish with a citrus glaze, chicken marinated in herbs and summer vegetables, or a pasta dish with fresh tomatoes and basil are all excellent choices. These dishes are filling without being too heavy, perfect for a summer wedding. Other options could include:

  • Grilled salmon with a lemon-herb butter
  • Barbecued chicken with a peach glaze
  • Summer vegetable risotto with fresh parmesan


Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your wedding desserts. Consider a fruit tart with fresh berries, sorbets, or even a naked wedding cake adorned with fresh flowers and fruits. You could also set up a dessert table where guests can choose from a variety of summer-inspired sweets, such as:

  • Lemon cupcakes with a raspberry filling
  • Mini strawberry shortcakes
  • Peach cobbler served in individual ramekins

Refreshing Beverages

Keeping your guests hydrated is crucial at a summer wedding. In addition to water, consider serving various refreshing drinks like lemonade, iced tea, or even a signature cocktail infused with summer fruits. You could offer:

  • Infused water stations with combinations like cucumber-mint or strawberry-lemon
  • A signature cocktail like a mojito with fresh summer berries
  • A selection of local craft beers and crisp, chilled white wines

Catering Considerations

When planning your summer wedding menu, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind. Make sure to discuss with your caterer how they plan to keep the food safe and fresh in the summer heat. Ask about their experience with both indoor and outdoor summer events and how they handle potential challenges.

It’s also worth noting that many wedding venues, including Regency Event Venue, offer in-house catering services. This can be a great option as these caterers are familiar with the venue’s facilities and can often provide a seamless dining experience for you and your guests. However, whether you choose in-house catering or an external caterer, it’s important to ensure they can accommodate your desired summer menu and any dietary restrictions your guests may have.


Choosing the right menu can make your summer wedding a memorable event. Embrace the season and use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a menu that reflects the joy and vibrancy of your special day.

As you plan your summer wedding, remember that the venue plays a crucial role in the success of your event. A stunning wedding venue like The Regency provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding and offers a team of experienced professionals and in-house catering to help you plan every detail, including the perfect summer menu.