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Are you looking for sophisticated venue that's worthy of social media posting? The Regency offers the perfect backdrop to take those unforgettable photos.

Our event manager will work with your student body and adviser to plan and coordinate all the details for your high school prom. We offer venue tours where you can check out the facility, ask questions, and get a comprehensive quote. We offer flexible deposits to hold your date.

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Prom Night at The Regency: A Night to Remember

Prom is a milestone, a celebration of youth, and a night that marks the culmination of unforgettable high school memories. The choice of venue plays a pivotal role in making this night truly magical. Enter The Regency in Glendale, CA – the premier prom venue in Los Angeles County that promises an experience like no other.

At The Regency, we recognize the significance of prom night in a student’s life. It’s not just about the dance; it’s about celebrating achievements, friendships, and the journey of growing up. With our distinct event rooms tailored for gatherings of all sizes, state-of-the-art amenities, and a dedicated team to cater to every detail, we ensure your prom night is nothing short of spectacular.

The Main Ballroom: Elegance Personified

The Regency’s Main Ballroom, with its capacity to host up to 250 guests, stands as a testament to grandeur and sophistication. High ceilings, timeless design, and an enchanting ambiance make it the perfect backdrop for a memorable prom night. Whether it’s a lively dance party or a formal event, the Main Ballroom is versatile enough to bring every vision to life.

The Grey Room: Intimacy with a Touch of Class

For schools seeking a more intimate prom experience, The Grey Room is the answer. Designed to comfortably accommodate up to 64 guests, this space ensures every attendee feels cherished and part of the celebration. It’s the ideal venue for those who value warmth, exclusivity, and a personal touch.

Features and Amenities: Elevating Your Prom Experience

Choosing the right venue for prom is about creating an environment where memories are forged. At The Regency, we pride ourselves on offering features and amenities designed to make your event seamless and memorable.

Live Music, DJ, and Dance Floor

Our state-of-the-art sound system ensures impeccable audio quality, whether you’re hiring a live band, bringing in a DJ, or curating a playlist. And with our spacious dance floor, there’s ample room for everyone to showcase their moves.

Large TV Monitor

Highlight the year’s memories, showcase a slideshow, or even have a live feed – our large TV monitor is equipped to handle it all.

Catering Options

Good food sets the mood for any celebration. At The Regency, our in-house catering team is ready to serve up a culinary experience that complements the elegance of the evening.

Location and Accessibility: The Heart of Glendale, CA

A central and easily accessible location ensures a hassle-free experience for all attendees. The Regency, located in the vibrant city of Glendale, CA, offers both convenience and a touch of urban sophistication.

Ample Parking and Valet

Our venue boasts ample parking space and valet service, ensuring a smooth start and end to the prom night.

Booking and Pricing: Tailored for You

Organizing a prom involves numerous decisions. At The Regency, we aim to simplify this process. Our transparent booking process, flexible pricing options, and dedicated team ensure that planning your event is a breeze.

Streamlined Booking Process

Reach out to our team with your preferred dates, expected guest count, and specific requirements. We’ll guide you through the available options and help secure your desired space.

Flexible Deposits

Understanding the complexities of event planning, we offer flexible deposits to ensure you can secure your chosen date without any stress.

Why Choose The Regency for Prom?

  • Experience: With years of expertise in hosting events, we understand the nuances of prom nights and are equipped to make it memorable.
  • Customization: Our venue is a canvas. We offer customization options, ensuring your event reflects your school’s spirit and vision.
  • State-of-the-Art Amenities: Top-notch audio-visual equipment, gourmet catering options, and more to enhance the guest experience.

Make Your Prom Night Unforgettable at The Regency

Prom is a night of celebration, reflection, and making memories. The venue you choose plays a pivotal role in shaping this experience. With our prime location, versatile event spaces, top-tier amenities, and a dedicated team, The Regency offers the perfect blend of elegance and excitement.

Ready to make prom night truly special? Contact us today to schedule a venue tour or discuss your event requirements.