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You’ve chosen your partner for life, set the wedding date, and the countdown has started. But whether it’s a matter of months or even days, planning your wedding party will always be a lot of work. You got to pick a wedding venue, establish your guest list, find vendors, shop for the wedding dress, and many more.

But these are the last days for you as a single lady, so do you really want to spend them trying to squeeze the wedding expenses to stick to the budget, running from one venue to another, canceling your dinner with friends because you have a meeting with candidate venues? Most likely, you don’t, so it’s better to get professional help from a wedding planner. 

What is the role of a wedding planner, why hire a wedding planner, and what are the benefits of event planning with the help of one? Here’s everything you should know.

You'll get help with budgeting and scheduling

No matter if you have an extensive or strict wedding budget, doing the math is always a challenging issue. You won’t know how much you should spend on this or how much you got to save on that. But if you hire a wedding planner, all that burden will be lifted off your shoulders. Wedding planners will advise you on the available options depending on your budget and try to get you the best deals possible.

The role of a wedding planner doesn’t end there, but they will be your Big Ben clock. They will schedule all your meetings with the probable venues, caterer, and wedding decorators and keep you informed about any updates. 

They'll take responsibilities off your plate

Even though it’s your big day and everything about it is absolutely pleasing and thrilling, the wedding preparations will be overwhelming at some level, especially if you’re a worker and have a full-time job. You will probably be in a race against time; every moment matters, and there’s no way for you to abandon your responsibilities or the wedding preparations.

Still wondering why you need a wedding planner? Your tasks will be the wedding planner’s responsibilities; they will find you a nuptial venue, contact vendors, and even prepare your wedding invitations. All you got to do is enjoy your life as an engaged person and not bother about losing the race against time because when you hire a wedding planner, you’re definitely the winner. 

They have tons of insider knowledge

The task of finding vendors for your wedding party might seem stress-free; you think that all you have to do is Googling wedding vendors near you, set a meeting with the probable ones, and settle for the best vendor. But can you imagine how stressful and time-consuming this part of your wedding planning might be! Especially since the wedding vendors’ list is extensive.

You will need a wedding decorator, caterer, photographer, videographer, band, hairdresser, makeup artist, and the list goes on. Not to mention that the wedding vendors are numerous, which raises the possibility of getting matched with untrustworthy ones; that’s why hire a wedding planner is a safe bet.  

Wedding organizers would have a very clear idea about the right vendors suitable for your preferences and budget. This is one of the essential wedding planners’ responsibilities considering they have vast experience and know everyone in the field. Are you still not convinced why you need a wedding planner? Keep reading. 

They'll help communicate with your vendors

Okay, suppose you were lucky enough to get matched with the best vendors in town in a record time. Do you think that’s all? You’re definitely mistaken. Hiring wedding vendors isn’t only about calling a meeting, agreeing on the date and cost, and concluding the deal. Instead, you will need to do a lot of paperwork and constant communication with them to confirm they will be able to provide you with the best service at the right time.

Now it seems like a lot, right? Well, to save yourself all that stress, it’s better to hire a wedding planner. You won’t be responsible for any paperwork, communication, or confirmations. All will be the wedding planner’s responsibilities. Everything will be done and ready whenever you want, wherever you’re, without moving a bone.  

You'll be exposed to new ideas

Actually, wedding planners are regularly up-to-date with all wedding trends from A to Z because they’re in direct contact with wedding decorators, photographers, DJs, and florists, which is one of the greatest benefits of event planning in cooperation with a wedding planner, they’re the best source of inspiration.

So, there’s no need to waste your precious time seeking inspiration by flipping through wedding magazines, scrolling Instagram, or begging for your friends’ help. Your wedding organizer, with their extensive experience, will be able to hit you with unique ideas for everything about your big day, including venues, decorations, catering, florals, and even the dress and suit. 

Remember, if you hire a wedding planner who’s highly experienced and professional, your chance to get innovative ideas and suggestions will boost. So, take your time, and pick your planner wisely as the role of a wedding planner is very influential to your overall wedding experience.

They'll offer advice on tricky situations

To be honest with you, the wedding preparations aren’t all roses. You will be faced with annoying, embarrassing, and tricky situations where you would have no idea what to do and how to react. For example, what would you do if your budget couldn’t afford to buy bridesmaids’ dresses after you already told them they were on you?

Asking your mom, mother-in-law, or sister might not give you the answer you need. Really, how would they have any clue on how a bride would act in such a tight spot. That’s why you need a wedding planner, as they have already witnessed many experiences like this with other brides. So, they will advise you on what to do and the right etiquette in such cases. 

In addition, the role of a wedding planner isn’t confined to discomfiting situations like that. Instead, they can assist you with little situations such as when you’re puzzled about when to send save-the-date cards and invitations. 


Wedding planning is not a process that you and your partner can handle on your own. The wedding planner will save you a lot of time and effort. Trust us; you won’t regret it. We hope that you now have a very clear idea of why hire a wedding planner. 

Finally, we advise you to take your time and don’t say yes to the wedding planner until you’re fully confident that they will make your life easier rather than complicating things.

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