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In the middle of a bride’s stress and overwhelm from the wedding preparations and endless responsibilities, a sweet gesture from her loved girlfriends would be really appreciated. A bridal shower is the greatest way to show the bride that you, her friends, and family members care and feel for her. 

But making the bride’s day isn’t as easy as it seems. A bridal shower planning is very costly, as the average cost of bridal shower is 15$-45$ per person; it involves renting a venue, hiring an event planner, planning invitations, and the list goes long. If you have a low budget and are not willing to give away a memorable bridal shower planning for your dear bride, look no more. Here’s everything you have to know about how to plan a bridal shower on a budget.

1. Host at home

If you, a family member, or one of the dear guests have the space, hosting the bridal shower at home would be a very smart and budget-friendly idea. Having a home bridal shower has many advantages besides the cost cut. The party will feel very intimate and cozy; in addition, bridal shower ideas at home are limitless and easily applicable, as the space will be small, manageable, and all yours!

Our favorite bridal shower idea at home:

I do BBQ party

I do BBQ is a very popular bridal shower theme in the South. It involves hosting a party in honor of the bride in a rustic area or an outdoor venue, serving BBQs, and enjoying the refreshing outdoor vibe. But actually, renting one of those will break the budget, right? So, where to host a bridal shower, then?In a backyard!

Trust us, it doesn’t take more than a medium-sized backyard and some simple bridal shower ideas, and the BBQ party will be ready. Set some picnic tables and decorate them with a festive tablecloth, napkins, and flowers. Incorporating banners and printed custom labels for glasses and favors would also add a significant BBQ vibe and transform the setup completely.

These simple bridal shower ideas at home are more than enough to set the party’s theme and keep it within your small budget. Here’s more on where to host a bridal shower.

2. Work with a co-host

The bridal shower planning is extremely overwhelming, whether financially or emotionally. So, maybe you should consider splitting your checklist for planning a bridal shower with another guest. You can co-host the party with a family member or a bride friend; it’s up to you. 

By that, each host will have their own checklist for planning a bridal shower, and you two will be able to manage the party from A to Z without feeling stressed or uneasy. In addition, two thinking minds can generate more simple bridal shower ideas.

3. Send online invitations

Physical invitations have become outdated in our days, not because they’re big-budget only, but because we’re in a digital era and digital invitations are the new trend. By opting for the trendy, inviting method, you can go as creative as you want by designing photo or even video invitations. 

There are no restrictions regarding this invitation method, as there are no additional costs due to changing the paper types, color schemes, or adding any element. Instead, everything is free, from designing the cards to sending them to the guests, thanks to new technology. 

To get the best of this idea and send some wonderful bridal shower on-budget invitations, get inspired by scrolling down Pinterest, as this platform is the best source of inspiration. And once packed with many invitations and suggestions, you will be able to come up with outstanding designs.

4. Keep the guest list small.

The bridal shower is a very intimate event, even more than a wedding, because it’s a sweet, unrequested gesture for the bride-to-be. So, it’s better to be as emotional and friendly as possible. Your dear bride won’t enjoy her last party as a single lady in the presence of people she doesn’t like.

So, give her what she would want by being picky; only invite those who she loves and enjoys their company. By following this simple bridal shower idea, you will not only be doing your budget and the bride a favor but yourself, as well, because the bridal shower planning phases grow more and more complicated and tense with the increased headcount.

5. Get creative with décor

No matter how simple, small, and basic the home or the backyard where you will be hosting the bridal shower on a budget is, the right decoration can transform it into the best venue ever. You don’t need extensive spaces, nor do you need a professional event planner; all you have to do is come up with some bridal shower ideas at home. 

How to plan a bridal shower's decorations?

Incorporate a backdrop

Backdrops can set the party’s tone and add a stunning touch to the space. A well-organized backdrop can substitute many decoration items and save real money. Artificial flowers, for example, work as perfect and affordable backdrops, and you can use them with tulle, wooden, or grass backgrounds. 

Or, if your friend is a foodie or gourmand bride, a donut wall would be a very delicious treat to eat and take pictures in front of.

Use balloons

Balloons, in addition, must get a place on your checklist for planning a bridal shower, as the designs that could be implemented using them are numerous. You can use them as a backdrop, design a banner, or even scatter them around for a juvenile vibe. We suggest using gold, pink, and white balloons; these color schemes are perfect for a bridal shower. 

Here’s more on how to use balloons for décor bridal shower planning

6. Make DIY party favors

Even though the main point of a bridal shower is to shower a bride with different gifts, traditions also suggest giving guests a special, sweet treat. But you’re restricted with a tiny budget, and flavors are very costly, so how to plan a bridal shower‘s favors without breaking the bank? DIY!

When it comes to guests’ favors, bridal shower ideas at home are abundant. You can go for a pedicure in a jar, soy candle, mini jars with homemade raspberry jam, or coffee bags. Joining forces with some guests for the bridal shower on a budget‘s favors is a great idea. By that, you will save money and time and enjoy your friend’s company simultaneously.

7. Keep the appetizers simple

Food is always a VIP guest at all parties. So, you better put some work into this part and come up with simple bridal shower ideas for food. Don’t feel stressed about going over your budget and serving a buffet or main course. Bridal shower food ideas on a budget include serving appetizers, setting a sweets bar, or a bridal branch.

Find more on bridal shower food ideas on a budget here


Even though the average cost of bridal shower is expensive, this experience in a bride’s life will never be forgettable. So, no matter how tiny your budget is, grab your checklist for planning a bridal shower and follow our tips on how to plan a bridal shower. It will be a great, prudent party that no one will ever forget. 

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