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One of the main purposes of corporate events is to encourage collaboration among workers. However, this encouragement takes different shapes; it could be by giving presentations, rewarding the best employees, or even creating a friendly atmosphere by organizing team-building activities.

The truth is, among all the methods mentioned above, team-building games stand out. Statistics have shown that 63% of leaders said that team communication was enhanced after participating in team building activities, and 61% of leaders noticed that team morale improved.

Having a harmonious team of workers is a must for the corporation’s success; concomitantly achieving that is a huge challenge. Planning the right team-building activities will reflect on the workers’ efficiency and make them one strong group.

So, here, we gathered the top 8 team-building activities to better team collaboration.

Back-to-back drawing

Back-to-back drawing is among the most engaging team-building activities, as it requires efficient communication and teamwork. What’s needed for this game is paper, pens, a timer, and pictures of real objects.

Each team should consist of only two participants. Member A will hold a picture or a physical object and describe it to member B, who must guess what this object is and draw it clearly without looking at the object, and before the set time runs out.

This team-building exercise revolves around improving engagement and collaboration among team members. They will learn how to communicate with each other and deliver their ideas clearly. In addition, this game is question-answer based, so members will rely on each other and combine their efforts to win the game.

The egg drop

A larger number of participants play this team-building game. Each team should consist of 5 members maximum, and the more teams, the more fun. Participants will be given raw eggs, straws, duct tape, and cardboard.

They will use these items to build a safe shield for each egg they have, and this shield must be built smartly and artfully because the eggs of each team will be thrown from a distance. The more eggs survive, the more the winning chances for each team.

This fun team-building activity doesn’t only need an active mind and a strong knowledge of physics rules. Rather, it requires effective collaboration among the five-team members, and they need to develop a number of strategies that all agree on in a short time frame.

In addition, this team-building exercise for work will change the participants for the best, and they will be able to understand each other’s mentality and the way they process things. It will reflect on their work routine and assigned tasks; they will be able to team up for the company’s favor.

At a glimpse

Another amusing team-building activity for work is at a glimpse; it will refresh members’ memories and encourage them to unite and communicate with each other efficiently.

This game requires dividing the group into team A and team B and making them face each other for around 20 seconds no more. During this short period, each team must memorize every detail about the other members’ appearance and clothes.

When the time runs out, team A has to hide and change some things in their appearance, then come back and line up differently than the initial one. The more differences the other team B notices, the more points they get, and so on. 

Escape room

Just like employees are stuck in their offices all day round till they finish their work, they will now stay locked in a room till they solve the puzzles. Groups of 6 participants will be locked in all the company’s rooms till they solve all riddles and puzzles within a time limit.

This is one of the most worthwhile and fun team-building activities, as employees will learn to think and work under pressure and join their forces for the sake of the group.

This game shouldn’t be restricted to the corporate ground; rather, it could be played in an escape room in town. Colleagues will run away from the tense company’s atmosphere and enjoy quality time outside its territories.

Think out of the box

Problems are part and parcel of each job but dealing with them is a skill that not everyone has. However, this corporate team-building exercise will train employees’ minds to think out of the box and come up with appropriate solutions to different kinds of problems. 

Prepare different types of work problems and issues and divide the group into three teams according to their specialty—for example, accountants, sales, marketing, etc. Restricting the group with a limited time will allow the flow of ideas and solutions. Workers will develop work-under-pressure and problem solving skills and stimulate their minds to come up with present-moment resolutions.

Paper plane contest

Another single-player team-building idea is the paper plane contest. Each member needs to rely on themselves and try their best to create a plane that flies far and high. Give each member three papers to create three planes and try their luck with each. Establish a launch point and never set an endpoint; leave the space open for the fastest planes and the top gravity experts.

Two truths and one lie

Even though this team bonding activity doesn’t require collaboration or teamwork, it dramatically tightens the corporate members’ bonds. Each participant is required to prepare a list of two truths and one lie about themselves and tell them in front of everyone.

The rest must guess which is the lie based on what they know about the participant. Gestures and body language might reveal the lie in case participants don’t know each other well.

However, in all scenarios, this corporate team-building exercise keeps employees close to each other and creates a friendly atmosphere around the office. Actually, this is one of the most joyful and flexible team-building ideas, as it can be played anywhere, no matter whether the event is hosted in the company or an event venue.

Compliments circle

Compliments are a great way for colleagues to express appreciation for each other, and there’s no better time to do so than a corporate event. 

All the employees must participate in this game and circle around a bottle. Just like truth or dare, someone has to spin the bottle, so it points at two participants at a time. One of them has to say something sweet to the other. For example, “you’ve done a great job planning the PR stunt last week,” and “thanks for helping me with my tasks.” This team bonding activity will improve the relationships among colleagues and create a tranquil atmosphere in the workplace.


Team building activities will have an instant effect on employees. It will tighten their bonds, bring them close to each other, and bring the best out of them. So, it’s very important to pick the games that serve this purpose and have a positive impact.

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