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So, you’re lucky enough to have your wedding in one of the most lively and world-famous cities, LA. Good for you!

You must have laid out a huge wedding checklist for touring wedding venues in Los Angeles, meeting with vendors, and brainstorming wedding themes. However, before turning all that into reality, you have to establish the cornerstone of your big day; the date.

Your wedding date is the base that will decide everything about the celebration from A to Z. So, this date must be unique and outstanding. And here, the question remains, what is the best month for a wedding

According to WeddingWire, June and August, which are summer months, are among the best months for a wedding. However, if you’re still puzzled about whether summer is a good time for an LA wedding or not, consider the top four reasons the Regency team has put together for you. 

More wedding venues are available

When grey clouds cover the sky and water pools fill the streets, there will be no available wedding venue but the indoors. You will be restricted with indoor event venues and photo sessions, as the cold will be unbearable even to step out. 

However, when summer kicks off, with all its cheerful vibes in such a place that teems with life as LA, weddings could be hosted anywhere you’ve ever dreamt of, whether it’s a beach or even your house’s backyard. So, whether you will have your wedding in June, July, or August, it’s the best wedding month.

You can use summer as your wedding theme muse

When the sun shines and its warmth permeates all of nature’s elements, you have to take advantage of that and enjoy the outdoors. Pools, beaches, farms, and gardens will craft your summer LA wedding and make it stand out. 

Here’re our favorite summer wedding themes to inspire from:

Boho chic

This wedding theme matches all wedding venues, no matter whether it’s a beach, garden, or farm. It focuses on natural elements, including flowers, greenery, feathers, wood, and others. 

Triangle arches are a wonderful wedding trend and will match the boho wedding theme if decorated correctly. Set a wooden triangle arch and incorporate the famous boho nature-inspired items, including rust blossoms, feathers, flowers, and pampas grass. 

Actually, nothing will match the chic boho theme more than succulents. Succulents are another trend most wedding venues in Los Angeles utilize in their decorations, and you can use them on guests’ tables as centerpieces or even wedding favors.

You, the bride, and your bridesmaids must wear a flower crown that matches the bohemian style and add an uncomplicated summer vibe to your looks.

Here’s more on how to get married Los Angeles in the boho style. 

Bold tropical

The tropical theme is one of the first that comes to mind when planning a summer LA wedding. However, unlike what many people believe, you don’t have to head to a tropical destination to have a tropical wedding. Rather, you can pick one of the outstanding beaches in LA and decorate it with bold flowers, lush centerpieces, and tropical cocktails. 

Turn your LA wedding venue into a paradise and set the tropical tone by laying down a colorful and vibrant aisle. The arch is the winning decorating element and has a massive power to set your summer wedding’s tone. You can go with a huge round arch decorated with eye-catching fuchsia, white peach flowers, and some monstera leaves. 

Use guest chairs to implement some summer decoration ideas by tying a tropical-inspired fan on each chair and some flowers that match the arch’s style. Scatter some monstera leaves all through the aisle with white blossoms, and your tropical wedding setup is good to go. 

Summer menus are delicious!

Another reason why summer months are the best months to have a wedding is the mouth-watering food selections available. The fresh, cold, and easy-to-eat food will be a great addition to your summer wedding setup, and all guests will enjoy it.

Seafood & sushi bar

Seafood and sushi are great options for your summer wedding; they’re easy to eat and hold up in hot temperatures. You can use the food bar as decoration to add a nautical atmosphere to your outdoor wedding. Ensure you serve some vegetarian food options for guests who don’t eat meat. 

Here’s more to inspire from for a raw bar for your summer wedding. 

Fig and blackberry salad & main course

If you’re planning on plated meals for your guests, this salad is absolutely delicious as a starter. The flavorsome mixture of cheese and blackberry is a combination that all guests will adore. It will refresh them and expand their stomach for the main course.

Give your guests a choice to select the meal they prefer by preparing a wedding menu. You can include various options for chicken and beef lovers of Pan-Seared Steak with Garlic Butter, Salisbury Steak, Creamy Herb Chicken, or Cordon Bleu.

Vegetarians should also have their own share of unique food selections. So, prepare them a unique food menu and include their favorite meals of summer bounty pasta, mushroom ragout, and pizza. 

Many dresses option

Who wants to stay restricted with a very limited gown selection on her big day? Absolutely no one. Summer and its best months to get married in Los Angeles will give you limitless options and a variety of dress selections to glow in. You won’t be confined to a long-sleeve or maxi wedding dress. 

Here’re our favorite wedding dresses that will add beauty to your wedding venue in Los Angeles

Slit dress

How to get married Los Angeles summery style? Go for a slit dress. This design works perfectly for indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles. You will be comfortable dancing and walking around without feeling stiff or hot. 

Off-the-shoulder silk

Silk is one of the cold fabrics that will keep your body cool during the best wedding months. In addition, the off-the-shoulder cut is many, and you will definitely find one that fits your body shape and preferences. 

 More on off-the-shoulder wedding dresses here

Important summer holiday days to avoid

Many couples prefer to plan their weddings on a holiday day, as everyone will already be enjoying a day off. But actually, people usually have plans for these days, and they might not be able to cancel their plans to attend your wedding.

The most famous summer holidays to avoid are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Labour Day, and Independence Day. Even if these holidays aren’t of personal significance for guests, they might have taken advantage of them, planned a trip, or even booked a flight. If you want our advice, June is the best month for a wedding, as there aren’t many holidays, and the weather is lovely.


The best months to have a wedding are definitely summer. Seize the chance of the outdoors availability and plan your wedding on one of the fascinating LA beaches. More on how to plan the perfect summer wedding here.

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