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A wedding is a very intimate event where you and your husband’s loved ones gather at your chosen wedding reception venue to witness a phenomenal occasion, the joint of two hearts officially and forever. They will be there for you and share in your happiness.

That’s a very palpable gesture, but with a lot going on during and after the wedding, you and your groom-to-be might not be able to give them a proper thank you. That’s exactly why wedding favors were first invented centuries ago.

Wedding favors are a sweet way to tell your guests that you appreciate them being part of your wedding. In addition, they will allow your wedding day to live long in their memory. Actually, favors shouldn’t be something fancy or expensive; the favor could be a jam jar, handmade soap, a cute parasol, or even a wicker fan.

However, with the list of options going long, finding the best will be tricky. So, the Regency team has gathered for you the best wedding favors 2022 for your summer wedding:

Decorated champagne bottles

Mini champagne bottles are among the most famous and appealing wedding favors. They will keep your wedding vibe going even after the celebration ends. There’re many ways you can decorate champagne bottles in an adorable way that will drive all guests to keep them forever. 

Here’re our top picks for decorating this summer wedding favor:

Glitter it up

Glitter would definitely look perfect on bottles of champagne, and it will make them attractive and festive summer wedding favors.

We recommend using glitter on the bottle’s neck only and not overuse it, as it will make this wedding favor idea juvenal. Personalize the bottles with thank-you handwritten tags.

Keep it black

Black and gold are the perfect matches, and the bottles will look outstanding and expensive if decorated right. Pick matte black bottles of champagne and tie golden labels and straws to the bottles’ necks using a double-face black-golden ribbon.

Go simple

You can never go wrong with a shell-pink ribbon bow. Tie a chiffon glitter bow on the bottles’ label panel and dye their collar with silver paint. Rose champagne would match this design exquisitely.

Edible summer favors

After long hours of dancing and whooping it up, guests would very much appreciate a party snack. Here are the top summertime wedding favors that will make guests leave your wedding with a smile on their faces.

Mini macarons

A box of colorful macarons is one of the best wedding favors. This Parisian element is chic, trendy, and delicious. And you will have a variety of accessorizing potentials; you can go for white chocolate and Raspberry macarons, edible flowers, or gold leaves, depending on your wedding theme.  

Seasonal fruit

A crate of seasonal fruits is the wedding favor that screams summer. You can design a customized bag or box of fruit and fill it with peach, chery, strawberry, or all!

Heart-shaped cookies

Some sugar cookies will be the best wedding favor if you’re not keen on designing a unique box or a bag. This summer wedding favor is budget-friendly and lovely. You can DIY or use the help of a baker. Don’t forget to customize them by writing your name and your husband’s.

Wedding totes

Do you want your wedding memory to live with guests for a long time? Totes are your way to go. Actually, everyone will value a unique and usable summer wedding favor. Tote bags are great summertime wedding favors because they will be part of guests’ summer activities. They can take these bags on a beach trip or picnic.

The other good thing about these wedding favors is that they’re easy and fun. So, you won’t bother about how much they will cost and where to design them. Instead, you and your bridesmaids will enjoy making totes at a girlish gathering or in your bridal shower.

Suppose you want to go the extra mile and turn your wedding tote bags into the best wedding favors 2022 and make them even more special; you can pack some cute items inside. For example, include a thank-you note, sanitizer, face mask, hand fan, and a light snack.

Bottle opener

Actually, no one would say no to an extra bottle opener to join their collection. A bottle opener is a very practical and special take-home wedding favor idea. You can go far and beyond with the designs; all will look adorable and outstanding. For example, you can use a rustic key opener, anchor, personalized credit card, mini flip flops, etc. Actually, the options are limitless for this wedding favor idea, but you have to look for a design that’s easy to use and matches the wedding’s theme simultaneously. 


Finding the best wedding favor idea will be daunting. You will be looking for something unique and affordable at the same time. However, this task will be a piece of cake after we put together the best wedding favors 2022 for you. No matter which wedding favor 2022 you go for, keep our golden advice in mind: the favor MUST match the wedding theme and style. 

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