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Flowers have blossomed, birds singing has become nature’s soundtrack, and sunbeams have climbed trees. Summer is here, bringing all the joys that everyone has long been waiting for. 

Many couples worldwide eagerly wait for this specific time of the year to officially start their lives together and tie the knot. So, if you’re one of those who love the outdoors and cherishes flowers and warm weather, then a summer wedding is the only option. 

Here is your ultimate guide for the perfect summer wedding inspirations:

Summer Wedding Locations

Winter’s cold and autumn’s wind, which stopped you from enjoying and applying outdoor wedding ideas for summer, are no longer there. You can host your summer wedding anywhere that comes to your mind, for example:

Seaside towns

Nothing will ever be as remarkable as a beach wedding. And because it’s a once-in-a-year chance, wasting the opportunity of hearing the crashing waves and walking on the golden beach while pulling your dress tail will be something you’ll regret.

So, if you and your spouse are outdoorsy, a July wedding on one of the LA beaches is a great idea.

Mountain Gateways

Do you want to run away from the summer heat and break the norms simultaneously? A mountain gateway is the best outdoor wedding idea for summer. There’s no need to say that your wedding photos will be nothing like any photo you’ve ever seen. However, you have to make sure there’s a good hotel nearby, so guests can spend a night before or after the wedding to enjoy the site to the maximum.

Tropical Destinations

Hawaii, Aruba, Bermuda, or Tulum are pieces of heaven that are the best for a destination wedding. The climate is perfect, and there are many outdoor wedding ideas for summer you can apply. It’ll be a magical tropical-themed summer wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Décor

Unlike indoor venues, outdoor sites are mostly empty of furniture and any kind of decorations. Think about the summer wedding theme and décor carefully as they’re what will make your wedding special and distinctive. It would help if you considered the following outdoor wedding ideas for summer:

Go Big with the Arch

This decoration piece can literally transform a boring site into an extraordinary one. In addition, it has grown dramatically trendy recently.

Your summer wedding arch should be outstanding as you and the groom will be next to it most of the time, exchanging vows and taking pictures.

Floral arches are the most popular wedding ideas for summer now, especially since it’s flower season, and you can get fresh flowers instead of fake ones or costly ones.

However, if you’re more into simple decoration ideas, you can set a basic white wedding arch, elegantly throw a piece of tulle and decorate it with some ribbons or green leaves.

The arch will set your summer wedding theme, so make sure it’s impressive. 

Special Bridal Entrance

When all guests wait for the bride’s royal entrance, you have to give them something worth the wait. No matter how stunning you, the dress, and the bouquet are, your entrance will go unnoticed if you enter the ceremony area uneventfully. So, it’s better to make it extra special by implementing these entrance wedding ideas for summer:

- A door

A closed door in the middle of your ceremony space will be an innovative entrance. Depending on your summer wedding style, you can go for a vintage or rustic door.

- Floor sparklers

Floor sparklers aren’t only for indoors; they’ll look dreamy If your wedding ceremonies are held at night. You can also provide guests with sparklers to light during your walk through the aisle; your summer wedding will brighten up.

Light Some Candle lights

Candles are one of the most romantic wedding ideas for summer; they’ll add to the beauty of your indoor or outdoor site. Candle lights could be used on guests’ tables with some flowers as a counter piece. In addition, you can put some all through the aisle or around the arch.

Keep Your Wedding Dress Light

You, the bride-to-be, are the butterfly of the party who will be running from here to there, greeting guests, dancing, and enjoying the day. With the summer heat and a heavy wedding gown on, these activities will feel extremely overwhelming. So, it’s better to go for a simple and light dress that is breathable and won’t hinder your movement. What to wear to a summer wedding?

There’re plenty of options, and here are the most wedding inspirations for the bride’s dress. 

Use Top Notch Catering

Because no happy event is complete without tasty food, your wedding menu should be carefully selected. But the truth is, deciding on a summer event menu is very challenging as you have to choose the kinds of food that do well in extremely hot and high temperatures. 

We advise you to go for the buffet catering style and stock it with good dishes, both cold and hot. For example, include pizza, bao buns, sushi, lobster rolls, salads, and tacos.

As for the drinks, Champaign and beers are always a good option, but the summer heat couldn’t be beaten without the fruit element. Lemonade, orange, mango, and others have an instant effect for cooling up. There’re a lot of delicious cocktails as well. Keep the drinks on your summer wedding menu as diverse as possible; they’re more important than the food.

Summer Color Palettes


Under the sun effect, all colors look lovely. But, you have to choose a combination of colors that look good together and match your summer wedding theme. Here are the trendiest summer wedding colors in 2022.

Peach, white, and light blue

Blue has always been one of the first options that come to mind when deciding on a summer wedding color, so it became clichéd. But, when matching blue with the right colors, it’ll look fantastic and unique. Peach and light blue are a great couple for your summer wedding. 

You can use peach and white for flowers, blue for bridesmaids’ dresses, and both blue and white for the arch.

Green and pink


These two summer wedding colors really do give the effect of a tropical wedding. And green is always fantastic for a summer outdoor wedding. However, you have to find the right tones of green and pink that match properly. Lavender and Forest are one of our favorite selections.

Red and white

Red is a romantic color that’s classical and elegant at the same time. But, too much red would irritate the eye and turn the wedding into a Valentine-themed one. So, it’s better to combine it with many beige and white elements.

Summer-inspired wedding favors

Great memories, fun times, and delighted laughs aren’t enough to make your summer wedding memorable for guests. You should give guests something to use and benefit from.

These are the top favors wedding inspirations for summer:

  1. Personalized sunglasses or sunscreens. 
  2. Costume flip-flops.
  3. Wine cork stoppers.

The pros & cons of summer weddings

All four seasons of the year are appreciable depending on each couple’s preferences and points of view. But, when you choose a season to have your wedding in, you should keep in mind that it won’t be absolutely perfect. It’ll have its pros and cons. Acknowledging both will give you insight and help you make your decision. A summer wedding has its benefits and disadvantages as well. Here are the top 5:


  1. Summer is the wedding season.
  2. Outdoor venues availability.
  3. Long day and night time.
  4. Fresh flowers.
  5. Great lighting.


  1. Prices for venues and vendors are higher in the season.
  2. Hot can be unbearable.
  3. Humidity. 
  4. Fewer attendances (people are on vacation.)
  5. Bugs. 


There’s more than the warm weather and birds singing to enjoy when having a summer nuptials. Apply the ideas that the Regency team of specialists has put together for you, and your summer outdoor wedding will be unforgettable. 

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