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The wedding cake has long been one of the most important traditions of nuptials. It first emerged from ancient Rome, where a cake was a loaf of bread to be broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune and long life of love and happiness. Since then, wedding gateau has been the most pleasant way to end a wedding. 

But, as for our days, the cake isn’t only a time-honored tradition; it’s the part that all guests will be enthusiastically waiting for, it’s the counter piece of a wedding, and the perfect decoration item to beautify the unrepeatable pictures.

Cutting the wedding cake will be the first activity that newlyweds will be doing as a married couple, and that’s why the cake should be something to be talked about. Since we’re in 2022, not ancient Rome times, a modern wedding cake design isn’t less important than any other part of the celebration. We’ve gathered you some of the latest wedding cake trends to wow your guests:

Simple Design with White and Green Colors

With all its tones, Green is the color that will make a statement. You can go for dark green, emeralds, mint, or olive. Green can be perfectly combined with golden; they’ll make an excellent mix. 

And actually, when it comes to wedding cakes, decorators cannot go without using some white color here or there; one of the most attractive 2022 cake trends is combining green and white on cakes using leaves, flowers, or even paintings. This unique wedding cake design would be tailor-made for your outdoor wedding; it’ll match with green trees and appear as a tasteful decoration item.

A Touch of Metallic

It is one of the latest wedding cake trends; a metallic cake can match absolutely any nuptial theme or style. You can go with a completely metallic cake, multilayers, or only one-tier. Silver, gold, or ivory, one of these colors on your wedding cake, would be a non-complex touch to your wedding venue.

However, if you’re more into an elaborate design than a simplistic wedding cake, metallic could also be combined with a leaf décor, flowers, gems, ribbons, or even a fancy topper. A metallic unique wedding cake design works perfectly for both outdoor and indoor sites; you only have to look over the colors.

Black Cake

Even though it’s a very bold idea, a black cake is on the top of the modern cake trends list. Who said that white should be prominent? Black is a royal color, and a dark cake will be unprecedented creativity. A black cake with a silver or golden touch of metallic would be a masterpiece. Indoor or outdoor, this wedding cake trend will add to the beauty of any site.

Rustic Tree Stump Cake Stands

A naked simplistic wedding cake? Here’s the best way to spice things a bit. A tree stump stand under your gateau will give it a rustic special touch and make it stand out. These stands come in many sizes; some are thick while others are thin. Designs vary as well; some stands are two or three-layered, and others have a single stump.

The truth is, tree stump stands could be used with cupcakes, too- if you’re planning to get out of the box for the dessert part. You can get a multi-layered stand and place your cake on the top and cute cupcakes on the rest. This idea would be super if you’re hosting a rustic barn wedding. And actually, it would also be a special décor item for any wedding style and site, whether indoor or outdoor.

Elegant All White Wedding Cakes

For hundreds of years, and ever since Queen Victoria first had a white icing on her wedding cake, a pure white design has been the all-time most approved wedding cake trend by most couples.

The color white symbolizes fertility and virginity; it’s the perfect choice if you’re a fan of simplicity and aesthetics. And the truth is, an all-white simplistic wedding cake isn’t as plain as the name suggests; there are so many designs and innovations that could be used on that royal icing cake. You can get your modern wedding cake ruffled with cream or sugar flowers or go big with the table’s decoration, and the cake will be noticeable.

Fun-sized Mini Cakes

Looking for a way to wow your wedding guests and make them feel special? Then, you have to follow one of the most adorable 2022 cake trends, mini cakes!

It’s not only a budget-friendly plan, yet it’s the latest wedding cake trend. In addition, it’s a creative idea to cater to everyone’s taste by providing different designs and a variety of flavors. But, you have to pick and follow a specific theme for the mini-cakes so they’ll be well matched. You can unify the color, shape, or topping.

Individual mini cakes are ready to eat, so there’s no need to take the huge multi-layered cake to the kitchen to be cut and served. Moreover, you won’t need to give up the cake-cutting tradition, and you can have a small or fake cake to take pictures with.

Return to the Classic Designs

If you’re a classic couple, none of the previously mentioned unique wedding cake designs and trends will appeal to you. So, you better return to the classics.

The truth is that classics are safe, and they never get old. Your cake will be trendy; because classic cake design will still be one of the latest 2022 wedding cake trends no matter how old it grows.

There’re many options when it comes to a classic wedding cake:

  1. You can follow Joseph Lambeth’s design and go for a seven-tier cake. This design is famous for its richness in buttercream and delicate design.
  2. Another option is the applique wedding cake; it’s inspired by the fancy fabric that used to be used for expensive dresses in the old times.
  3. A baroque wedding cake is another design to be appreciated by classic enthusiasts. It’s inspired by the architectural development which took place between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Modern wedding cakes aren’t the only appealing options; all of the classic styles mentioned above will give your wedding a marvelous taste. These kinds of 2022 cake trends are primarily preferred in indoor sites in lavish wedding venues than outdoor sites.

In Short

Choosing the wedding cake is not less important than deciding about the dress or the tuxedo. Your cake will reflect the personality of you and your partner. So, it’s better to take your time when it comes to that part and choose a suitable style for your preferences and the nuptials site. Don’t forget to taste cake samples before you place the order. A unique wedding cake design isn’t enough on its own; the cake should also be tasty.

Suppose you are still hesitant about your wedding cake; no need to worry. All you have to do is consult the venue’s team about the best available options. For example, the team at the Regency has already organized tons of weddings and seen so many cakes than you can count.

Good luck finding your dream modern wedding cake!

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