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That little one is on the way, the countdown has started, and there’s no time to waste. Whether you’re a grandma-to-be, an aunt-to-be, or even a friend of the expectant mother, it’s your honor to start planning the perfect welcome party for the bun in the oven. 

From the minute you decide when to have the baby shower until you give favors to guests, you will be a hamster in a spinning wheel as a baby shower host. There’s a lot to plan and even more to do and consider. So, gear yourself up and start the layout as the Regency team has made that overwhelming task easier with these six baby shower ideas and tips:

Consider the basics


Because everything further will be decided according to it, the budget plan is the first and most crucial step to get done. Make an estimation for every element and activity involved starting from the baby shower venue to the baby shower games. Establishing the budget early on will put you on the right track and guide you through the rest of the preparations. Be generous, and give your dear cute little one-to-come a fancy baby shower story to tell their future friends.


Even though you’re the shower’s host, the guest list shouldn’t be your own decision. The special guest, the mom, should have her say on who she wants in her baby shower and who she doesn’t. Discuss these details with her; then, establish a fixed complete list. 

Choose the date & location


When to have a baby shower? It’s known that a baby shower could be held before or after the baby’s birth. Some moms prefer to have it before, so they get the chance to enjoy their time and baby gifts.

Others like the after-birth shower so guests can congratulate them and meet the baby simultaneously. In addition, moms can register for gifts that the newborn needs. So, again, it’s up to the mom to decide when to have a baby shower. Check with her, then proceed with the rest of the preparations.


There’ll be many things to consider when it comes to the baby shower venue. For example, are you hosting the baby shower before the mom has given birth or after? In addition, how much of the budget have you allocated for the baby shower venue? And how many guests will be there?


Hosting the party in your home or the mom’s is an intimate baby shower idea if the little one is actually here. The mom won’t have difficulty feeding, changing diapers, and putting her baby to sleep. She and the little one will feel comfortable.

The good part is that the place is all yours. You can go as creative as you like with the baby shower ideas, decorations, and food. On the other hand, it’ll be exhausting as you’re the one to decorate, come up with baby shower food ideas, and clean up the mess after the party. Above all, it’s the only reasonable option if your budget is tight.


A restaurant or a café is a better option for a pre-delivery shower. You only have to find a good location accessible for everyone, decide on the baby shower food, and put the staff in the picture about the decoration, and the shower is all set. You can reserve the whole restaurant or a couple of tables. It all depends on your guest list and budget.


A baby shower venue is a perfect choice if your budget is generous. And it’s suitable for both pre and post-delivery baby showers. You’ll have a dance floor and extensive space to comfortably hold all the shower ceremonies. And to crown it all, you don’t have to bother about the clean-up and the arrangement. Everything will be set and handled by the staff.

Organize decorations

If you want to plan a unique wonderful baby shower, following a specific theme would be great. It will set the tone for the shower and give it a unique character. However, a central theme will affect many decisions like baby shower food, invitations, and decorations. 

But, if you don’t have a special theme in mind, you can go traditional and choose a specific color for the decorations, blue or pink, according to the baby’s gender. Go big for the baby shower food table; it’s your party’s chance to shine. Use a cute tablecloth and napkins, and decorate it with a cake and some balloons and flowers.

Plan some baby shower games

The baby shower games are the best way to wrap up the party; guests would have fun and enjoy their time. 

Guess who?

That’s one of the very enjoyable and fun baby shower games that all guests would love. It requires a little preparation, though. What you have to do is:

  1. Ask guests to bring a photograph of themselves when they were babies.
  2. When they arrive, take the pictures and display them around the venue’s walls.
  3. Hand each guest a pen and paper and ask them to guess who’s the baby in the picture.
  4. The one who guesses right and gets the higher score wins the prize.

Don’t say, baby

It’s a very challenging and interactive baby shower game. Guests mustn’t say the word “baby” no matter what. It’ll be really hard as the whole point of the party is celebrating the “baby” that’s why the winner should get a grand prize.  

Other activities & refreshments

A book, not a card


Instead of boggling guests on what to write on a baby shower card, you can ask them to bring the newborn an exciting kids’ book, so they can read and benefit from it.

Design a onesie

It is one of the most entertaining activities everyone likes and enjoys. You only have to get some onesies, fabric paint, and markers. Guests would bring that artist inside of them to life and get artistic. It’s a great baby shower idea as the mom-to-be might actually use these onesies or keep them as a remembrance of the shower.

Final Touches - party touches & thank you notes.

Guests would pretty much appreciate a sweet favor from the shower’s host; this little present will be a reminder of that joyful day. And actually, such a nice gesture doesn’t cost much, either in terms of money or time. You can give a jar of sweets, a candle, baby foot soap, or mini sanitizer.

Don’t forget to combine each favor with a personalized “thank you” note; guests will feel even more special. There’re many options on what to write on a baby shower card:

  1. Thank you for the cute gift. We really do appreciate it.
  2. Our baby will look even more handsome wearing the onesie you got for him. Thank you so much!
  3. Your attendance means a lot to us and the little one. Thank you for spreading joy.

Wrapping up

Fifteen years later, when that yet to come baby sees their shower pictures, they’ll appreciate everything you’ve done for them. So, apply the baby shower ideas mentioned above, and the party will go the way you and the mom would have ever dreamt.  

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