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Do you remember watching mommy and daddy all dressed up in attires when you were a little kid? You used to recognize that alarm immediately; you’re going to grandma’s home because your parents are off to a wedding. Well, you should recall some of these sad memories because they were the nightmare of all children.

Kids weren’t and still aren’t very welcomed at nuptials for many reasons. They may not behave, or maybe they’ll start messing up with flowers, decorations, and food, others may begin crying louder than music, and some may literally ruin the day. 

However, it’s your wedding day, so are you willing to be kids’ Santa, make their dreams come true, and invite them to your wedding venue? Or will you follow the example of those who have broken your heart and forced you to listen to grandma’s boring stories all night? It’s a tough decision. But, we’ll try to make the job easier for you.

How to decide if you want children at your wedding?

Inviting kids to your wedding comes with many advantages. But, the risk and stress aren’t a few as well. On the other hand, having no kids at a wedding might make it a pretty formal ceremony. So, examine both options, then make the final decision:

Kids at wedding

No one can deny those little ones will have a charming effect on your wedding’s overall atmosphere. They’ll be running around, spreading joy, and making their super spontaneous dance moves. Kids at weddings could be a sweet innocent touch to your big day.

But, there’s a lot to consider in that case. Kids aren’t like you and us; they’re unpredictable, and they may be a headache for you, guests, and their parents. That’s why there’s a lot to be done in order to keep them entertained and content enough not to spoil the day for everyone. 

So, you have to set a kids’ table at your wedding, where they’ll be with children like them and get busy from causing disasters. In addition, many couples have made a brilliant idea by making activity bags for kids at weddings. They’ll be quiet and engaged in doing something they enjoy while you can get married in peace. However, you might get the exact opposite effect, and they start planning a group trick to laugh and have extra fun. As we said, they’re entirely unpredictable!

No kids at the wedding

No kids at your wedding mean that you won’t get a flower girl or a ring bearer; your wedding will be an adult-only formal ceremony where no one will be stressed or worried.

Actually, no one from the guests who don’t have children will be annoyed, but guests who do will pull an angry face throughout your wedding, especially if you invite some kids who are part of the family. They’ll be like, “there are kids all around; why wasn’t my kid invited?” Furthermore, these guests might have difficulty finding someone to babysit their kids until your wedding is over, especially if you’re hosting a non-local nuptial.

As for the bright side, no children at weddings means less headcount; consequently, more money and space savings. You don’t have to bother setting them a mini-table, providing them with a special meal, or hiring an entertainer.

Keep in mind that it’s your unrepeatable day. So, don’t be shy about sending adult-only wedding invitations. Your pleasure and relief are what matter; the rest will solve itself.

What if you want to invite some children, but not others?

The truth is, many guests will feel offended if they receive a no kids wedding invitation, and when they arrive at the site, many kids are playing around. 

Many couples prefer to invite relative kids, maybe a niece, a sibling offspring, or a cousin. These kids might have wedding duties, and it doesn’t make sense not to invite them. So, to avoid embarrassing situations with guests, make it clear you have a tight guest list, and you have to adhere to it; they’ll definitely understand.

How to avoid offending your guests

Many guests presume if they’re invited, their kids are too, which will put them in a tight spot when they arrive at the wedding and figure out that there is no seat for their little ones. So, make your no kids wedding invitation clear from the beginning.

Don’t use hints by only including the parents’ names; some might not get it. Instead, you must send an adult-only wedding invitation that’s respectful at the same time, straightforward, and understandable.

If you do invite kids, how do you keep them entertained?

If you want to invite kids to your wedding, you have to keep in mind these moody little angels need a special treat. Kids at weddings are controllable; they might be very polite you don’t even notice them. But, to attain the latter result, you definitely have to go the extra mile by amusing them:

Hire a professional entertainer

Wedding entertainers usually have a long experience dealing with children of all ages. So, they’ll definitely know how to distract them using fun ways. You can hire a magician or face painter or a balloon modeler.

Get a piñata

Actually, this is not a kids-only activity. Children and adults will engage in one fun game, where they’ll have fun hitting the piñata and collecting what comes out of it. Adults will be able to act as participants and supervisors simultaneously.

Activity bags

If you’re getting a special kid’s table at your wedding, this is one of their favorite forms of entertainment. You can include a disposable camera and ask them to take pictures of different things, and an activity book treats, etc. Activity bags for kids at weddings are the best way to delight them and go above and beyond.

Should you sit the children together during dinner and the reception?

Many who decided to host children at weddings were in front of these two options. Should we set a kids’ table at our wedding, or is it okay to let each child sit with their parents at a family-only table? 

Laying a kids’ table is the wisest call if you want our advice. By that, they’ll be engaged in discussing their own childish matters and enjoying the games you’ve prepared for them; they won’t get a chance to think about causing trouble and spoiling the day. In addition, a kids’ table at the wedding will be proper for their short-heights and small bodies; they won’t be struggling in order to pull a heavy chair to have a seat. Instead, their table will be perfectly suitable for their needs. 

Don’t forget that kids should be served a special meal, unlike those for adults. Having a special table will save servers from disturbance and make kids feel that they’re VIP visitors.

In a nutshell

Having stated everything you need to know and consider about hosting kids at a wedding, you now should have a clear idea of whether to send a no kids wedding invitation or to start the special layout for children at a wedding right away. Remember, it’s your special day, don’t hesitate to do the thing that pleases you, and cancel anything that might be a headache.

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