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From the minute you and your partner decide to finally tie the knot, you will be running from here to there, picking a date, booking a venue, looking for the best vendors, and establishing your guest list. Planning a wedding is a very pleasant experience that you’ll remember and make jokes about for the rest of your lives.

But, it cannot be denied that it’s a stressful process; it will take you a lot of effort to figure out how to plan a wedding, especially if you have a short time to get everything done.

How long does it usually take to plan a wedding? A year, six months? No, not today. After reading the following, planning your wedding in a month will become a walk in the park.

Rest assured, it’s more than enough to make everything you’ve been dreaming about real. The Regency team will have your back and give you the best wedding tips. Here’s everything you need to know from A to Z:

Set a clear itemized budget

The first and most essential stage in planning a wedding is setting a reasonable budget because everything about your wedding will be decided according to it. Try to make the budget as detailed as possible. For example, don’t include the essential things only, such as the venue, wedding planner, catering, etc. You don’t want to throw money around and run out of cash even before getting all necessities covered. Instead, consider the secondary elements such as the wedding invitations, decoration, rings, and others.  

Pick the style

You have to decide whether you’ll be hosting an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Another thing to consider is that do you want to plan traditional or unusual nuptials? In addition, what is the theme that you have in mind? The answer to these questions will guide you through most of the following steps, like the food options and the decorations. Furthermore, it will help narrow down the site’s choices and save time.

Choose the location

Finding the appropriate small wedding venue will be easier after picking your wedding style. Depending on your theme, do comprehensive research on the venues that might be a good fit for your budget, early date, preferences, and style. Don’t waste your precious limited time touring locations in person. Instead, check online websites.

For example, review the available pictures on the venues’ websites, and have a 360 virtual tour of the whole area. For the utmost benefit, get some wedding help from the online reviews by past newlyweds.

Check your state’s marriage laws

Each and every state has its own marriage laws. Some states have a long waiting period between applying for the license and finally obtaining it, and other states set an expiration period of 30 days or more for the license.

On the other hand, many other states have flexible laws regarding such matters. So, you have to do your homework and research to figure out how much time you’ll be waiting and how you’ll get married properly.

However, you can save time and hire a lawyer to get all the answers quickly and have someone do the paperwork on your behalf.

Firstly, check the state’s laws online to see how complicated things are, then decide whether you’re doing everything on your own or hiring a lawyer to help you ease the process.

Hire your vendors

No matter how soon your wedding is, you’re not supposed to give up any part of that particular day. There’s always time to hire the dream team to help you make this day memorable for you and your guests. You better start searching on the internet and asking your friends about trusted vendors.

In the case of a last-minute wedding, you should be your own wedding planner. So, you’ll need to hire a caterer, photographer, and videographer. As for the officiant, he’s usually provided by the city hall if you hold your wedding ceremonies at one. Otherwise, you have to look for one online or contact the local church.

Shop off the stores

When it comes to the dress and the tuxedo, you should be willing to lower your standards a little bit. The time is ticking quickly. So, if you were considering a custom-made gown, you have to give up on this part and turn to the option that will save you both time and effort: online shopping.

Cheer up! There are plenty of outstanding options in online stores. Maybe you’ll be able to find your dream gown there. Fabulous dresses and suits are all around; you only have to know where to look.

Buy your rings

The truth is, online stores aren’t only for dresses and suits; you can also purchase your wedding rings from an online seller! Get your fingers sized, pick the ring’s model, and place the order.

Nevertheless, suppose you’re seeking a unique custom-made wedding band, and your budget is generous. In that case, many online jewelry stores can design the extraordinary ring that will decorate your hand for the rest of your married life in a very short time frame.

Invite your guests

“Drum roll,” it’s almost there!

After you’ve had everything settled and prepared, you shouldn’t wait a minute further. Your dear guests should prepare for the big day and clear their schedule to share this unique experience.

The traditional options are off the table. So, please don’t waste your time printing invitation cards and take a shortcut to the online invitations; they’re the new trend that will cut corners. They’re eco-friendly, affordable, and could be personalized! But, you have to make sure that you find the invitation templates that match your wedding theme and style. 

Get married

All that time of wedding preparations, weariness, and stress will now pay off. Forget about your race against time for the past month and enjoy the achievement you and your spouse have only accomplished. The minute that you’ve been waiting for so bad is finally here. So, put that fancy gown on and get ready to say “I do” and exchange love vows. 

Plan your honeymoon!

After these 30 days of stress, and an unforgettable last-minute wedding, a honeymoon won’t only be a wedding celebration but a reward for you both for handling such a challenging task. However, you definitely don’t want to repeat the last-minute wedding checklist experience. So, arrange everything about the honeymoon on a list and start the planning as soon as possible. Set your honeymoon budget, and look for the best 2022 honeymoon destinations; you’ve earned such a spoil, so go big with the honeymoon as much as you can.

To wrap itt all up

Whether planning a wedding takes you a year or a month, the marriage ceremony will be a success if you learn how to make the best use of your time. This unforgettable day will be even more special as you’ve had all these challenges and adventures until the wedding has finally come true. You have done a terrific job, and you should be very proud.

Congratulations, the Regency team wishes you a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness!

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