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COVID-19 has hit the world with an iron fist, and newly married people have had their share of restrictions and precautions more than others. Some have canceled their huge wedding parties or had a COVID wedding in safe venues like the Regency. Meanwhile, others didn’t know where to go during COVID to spend their once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. However, the main question remains, how safe is it to fly right now?

According to a survey conducted by Statista, 43% of American couples changed their honeymoon location due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and about 41% of respondents said they postponed the initial honeymoon date. 

Fortunately, the virus is fading away day by day, and the risks are decreasing. Therefore, many couples are making new plans and booking their flights to COVID  honeymoon destinations. But is it time to take masks off and get rid of sanitizers? How safe is it to fly right now? Can lovebirds enjoy a honeymoon during COVID?

Well, it’s a fact that restrictions have loosened a lot compared to the first emergence of the pandemic, and there are plenty of options, more than the honeymoon destinations during COVID’s peak. But there are still a lot of inconveniences to expect while heading to a post-COVID honeymoon destination.

What To Expect When Traveling?

You aren’t the only couple that has been waiting for this moment; thousands have. Everyone is taking off to the long-delayed honeymoon destinations during COVID. So, you’ll face many people either at the airport or on the plane.

Masks are still required, even if you’re fully vaccinated and tested negative. Actually, due to Omicron, airlines are canceling flights constantly. Thus, it’s better to be prepared for the delay of your honeymoon during COVID flight. Furthermore, and surprisingly, prices for COVID honeymoon destinations now are lower than in the pre-pandemic period. So, you might save the money to enjoy more activities on your honeymoon.

It’s not all bad after all, and maybe it’s your compensation! But these prices aren’t going to last forever. So, book your flight ASAP. 

The question arises, where is safe to travel right now? Here are the best 2022 honeymoon COVID destinations.

The Best Destinations You Will Love


Santorini honeymoon

Still wondering about where to go during COVID? Santorini is one of the best honeymoon destinations during COVID. It’s great because most of the activities are in outdoor space. Santorini is the most romantic COVID honeymoon destination to spend some lovely time with your spouse.

Sea and sky unite to create a fascinating scene that you’ll never get bored of. This mesmerizing island hosts several private hotels and will provide you with the best intimate experience to enjoy your pool and a fascinating cliff view. Santorini is the best place to travel right now during COVID. It’s most famous for the romantic cruise in the middle of the Aegean Sea. So, don’t miss that opportunity as you’ll discover the island’s beauty from the very heart of the sea.

Fiji Islands

Where is safe to travel right now? Islands are always a great place to enjoy your honeymoon during COVID, and if you want to be in privacy, away from people and crowds. That’s why islands are the best honeymoon destinations during COVID; they’re safer than any other place. Arriving in Fiji from LA will take 11 hours, but it’s absolutely worth waiting. You’ll enjoy the beauty of nature and extensive parks. Fiji Islands are known for the coconut trees; they would be a great background for your honeymoon pictures. When in Fiji, you’ll never feel bored, as there are numerous activities to enjoy with your love. For example, playing golf, hiking, fishing, and swimming.


Many people dream about going to Venice, and they’ve been Googling “how safe is it to fly right now?” Here comes the city of intimacy, music, dancing, and romance, Venice. It’s the best place to travel right now during COVID. Come on, who needs cars and transportation when in Venice? Each building and architecture is worth watching and admiring.

Newlyweds will enjoy quality time in the best honeymoon destination during COVID, Italy. You’ll walk hand in hand with your love in the narrow ancient streets, away from crowds, between the old Renaissance buildings. Not only that, but a Gondola boat will carry both of you all through the waterway canal, and you’ll get a chance to see the unique colorful structures. It’s a prominent COVID honeymoon idea as you can get a private boat. This experience isn’t something you can find elsewhere, and it’s a Venice activity.

Venice is a city of ancient history. So, you must visit all the historic landscapes there, such as St. Mark’s Square, Ponte Di Rialto, Gallerie dell’Accademia, and many more. Are you looking for more romance? Then, we recommend the city of lovers, Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s love birthplace. 


Who says you can’t enjoy a honeymoon during COVID? Patagonia Is the way to go. Because this place has heavenly nature, camping is one of Patagonia’s most popular COVID honeymoon ideas; you can camp near the beach or somewhere in its breathtaking nature. But, if you’re not a nature-loving person or seeking more privacy, there are many five-star hotels in Patagonia. Where to go during COVID in Patagonia? There’s a lot to do and many places to visit. You can hike, ride horses, watch whales, and learn about Patagonia’s history. 


sicily honeymoon

Another destination for a honeymoon during COVID is Sicily. This city has a great climate and sun-drenched beaches. Teatro Massimo hosts an unforgettable opera night to uncover the literary history of Palermo, Sicily’s capital. Avoid the summer season as tourism is at its peak; it wouldn’t be the best option for a 2022 honeymoon destination COVID.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is the home of sandy beaches, adventures, and a warm climate. Maui provides the most personalized and private experience; it’s the best place to travel right now during COVID. One of the most fun activities that you will enjoy is scuba diving.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, because you’ll receive some training. Gears and diving equipment are always clean and sanitized, and guides and other tourists take all precautions, so rest assured.


Bali is the answer to the “Where to go during COVID?” question. This tropical island is a piece of heaven. It has grown popular as one of the best 2022 honeymoon destinations, COVID. It’s located in the South Pacific in Indonesia. So, you’ll never get enough from the azure color of the ocean and the sun-burned sands.

 John Hardy Kapal Bamboo Boutique & Workshop at Mambal is a must-visit destination for newlyweds. Brides like the place because they can get distinctive hand-made jewelry. The trip is never complete without jumping off the waterfall’s cliff. Also, you must watch the fascinating sunset; it’ll be an unforgettable scene. Finally, As more than 80% of Bali’s citizens are vaccinated, there is no need to worry about COVID. Bali is absolutely one of the best honeymoon destinations during COVID.


Hopefully, you’re not going to struggle to decide where is safe to travel right now or how safe is it to fly right now. All the options mentioned above are wonderful honeymoon destinations during COVID. Enjoy your vacation! 

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