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Actually, everyone had suffered from bad times during COVID. All employees and employers were scared of the unknown future and still are. Wedding venue owners especially were struggling when Coronavirus was in the picture heavily. Planning a wedding during COVID wasn’t allowed. So, their source of income was temporarily suspended.

When COVID-19 was at its peak, weddings COVID parties were only allowed via online platforms because no one knew how safe were weddings during COVID. By that time, everyone was thinking, are weddings safe during COVID? But now we’re in 2022, and things are getting a little bit better because some of the restrictions were canceled.

Industry leaders have come up with protecting COVID wedding reception ideas to maintain everyone’s safety as much as possible. Though things won’t go back to normal by a touch of a magic wand, and we’ll keep doubting: are weddings safe during COVID or not? It’s not as bad as before, and there are many COVID wedding ideas to keep everyone safe and happy. So, industry leaders are heaving a little sigh of relief. 

The Challenges Of Planning A COVID Wedding

Lucky partners who have COVID as their marriage officiant will definitely host extraordinary weddings COVID-themed ceremonies. When first planning your big day, you have to ask, what are the rules on weddings during COVID-19, because restrictions are constantly changing. It’s okay to wonder how safe is weddings during COVID.

It’s heavy pressure, and we deeply feel you; weddings during COVID won’t be easy. But try your best to come up with your own COVID wedding reception ideas, and keep in mind that you should consider all the health risks, precautions, and most importantly, the rules for weddings during COVID in LA. You can get expert advice from the venue managers themselves because they keep track of all the regulations. For example, contacting the staff at Regency Venue will provide plenty of information about all the standards.

You’ll be concerned about finding an available venue and special COVID wedding ideas. Not to mention the limited COVID wedding invites. Planning and applying all that, as well as your wedding ceremonies, will be enormous. So cheer up! Having a great celebration despite all that will be a memorable COVID wedding message to guests that nothing is impossible. Speaking of positive vibes, the internet is always there to help you make the impossible possible. Make use of the wedding COVID ideas online.

Wedding venue in LA

Shopping Online

What a streak of luck! You won’t get tired from running here and there looking for wedding necessities in stores. When planning a wedding during COVID, you have to keep safe and get all the wedding COVID supplies right from your laptop. The bride’s dress, in addition to the groom’s suit, should be exquisite for the once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Furthermore, virtual wedding ceremonies have become legal, and in 2020, Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, tweeted, “CA will now allow adults to obtain marriage licenses via videoconferencing for the next 60 days.”

Most wedding boutiques have a website online, where you can search all the available options as long as clients’ reviews on the quality of the design, material, and fit. Dress and suit will arrive at the required time at your doorstep, where you both can do as much dress rehearsal as you want. Furthermore, the venue’s accessories should definitely be present, who says that a wedding COVID theme should be boring and lifeless! Accessories of ring pillows, flowers, special plates, and glasses will be delivered to your venue by the day you choose as well.

As a matter of fact, home delivery has grown popular dramatically during the pandemic. At the same time, it’s one of the very helpful COVID wedding ideas. Everything will be great. Many people have successfully planned weddings during COVID online, and yours will be distinct.

Virtually Plan And Live Stream Your Wedding

Even though most venues can’t welcome potential clients for a tour due to the rules for weddings in LA during COVID, you’re not having your wedding on a site that you’ve never been to! Because of Coronavirus, virtual tours have become more popular than before.

You’ll be looking at a panoramic picture of the whole site. Obviously, you’ve shrunk your COVID wedding invitations when you followed the rules for LA weddings during COVID. As a result, most of your friends and loved ones will not be there for you on the big day. Lucky you, technology didn’t stop at virtual tours. You won’t be missing any guests, no matter how limited your list is.

A live stream is an efficient solution to make your wedding wishes during COVID come true. Those who weren’t invited will be present through a live stream behind the screen. You know, your whole wedding could be celebrated through a live stream, without renting a hall or inviting anyone in person. Then, you won’t worry about what are the rules on weddings during COVID-19. You and your guests won’t bother about how safe weddings are during COVID. Many weddings were celebrated this way, you won’t be the first.

To live the online wedding during COVID experience to its extent, send cute online invitations to your dear friends and guests. You can benefit from the COVID wedding invitation templates online if you want to make a special invitation. As a matter of fact, you can design your guests’ invitations by yourself just by visual checking some attractive COVID wedding invitation templates.

The Ultimate COVID Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding during COVID isn’t easy, but It’s your big day we’re talking about now, and it’s not fair to get infected on your exceptional day.

Because everyone’s safety matters, a venue for a wedding during COVID should follow all the essential restriction measures. 

So, what are the rules on weddings during COVID-19? 

  • First and foremost, you have to make sure that every employee on the site is wearing a mask. When it comes to the staff, they should cover their faces no matter if they’re vaccinated or not. 
  • Second, will guests struggle until they find sanitizers in the hall, or are they spread in appropriate areas? Actually, a dedicated person should be there in the reception, welcoming guests and sterilizing them completely. 
  • Third, what’s the average of the venue’s COVID wedding invites? Most importantly, what are the social distancing rules this hall is following, and is it suitable for the number of your guests? 
  • Finally, does the venue allow an indoor celebration, or is it restricted to outside weddings only? Outside weddings are safer because the air is constantly renewed and the infection possibility is less. Other indoor venues provide the best care to guarantee guests’ safety.

Indoor or Outside weddings, what matters the most is the sufficiency of the hall’s restriction measurements. You better check the local regulations in this regard as well. Based on a survey published by Statista 83 percent of couples in the USA have checked local regulations leading up to the wedding.

Ultimate COID Wedding Checklist

How Soon Will “Normal” Weddings Be Back?

Even after the accessibility of vaccines all around the states, Americans in Los Angeles are still getting infected with Omicron every single day. Are weddings safe during COVID? Actually, things won’t get back to normal for nearly two years. Rules for weddings in LA during COVID will still be implemented.

All wedding guests will keep wearing their masks on, take the sanitizer whenever they go, and think twice before shaking hands with anyone. We will never know how safe weddings are during COVID-19. The truth is, everyone is trying to act like Coronavirus has faded away, and life is back to normal again. And actually, we’re not pausing our lives and remarkable events, BUT until Corona is entirely out of the picture, we must take action and precautions. Because it’s the people’s responsibility, we’re the ones responsible for spreading the virus or killing it. 

Staying Local

What’s wrong with Los Angeles? Why would traveling to another state or country be one of your wedding wishes during COVID? Those getting married in the pandemic and having their weddings during COVID have enough on their plate. They really can’t take more pressure. So, why would you bother yourself? 

Are weddings safe during COVID in other places and not in LA? Absolutely not! Having your wedding in your dreamland would have been the best idea if we were still in 2019, but now, you can’t go anywhere until you’re fully vaccinated or quarantined. What about your guests? Are you having a wedding without guests? Will you bother your guests with a quarantine just because they wanted to attend your wedding? It doesn’t make sense. Los Angeles is a wonderful state, and your venue options are still various, even with COVID. Wedding ideas are plenty as well. So, stay where you’re, and follow the rules for weddings in LA during COVID. 


Planning a wedding during COVID or World War three that seems to be coming closer doesn’t matter. What matters the most is your and your partner’s happiness. Tying the knot under these circumstances will be your influential COVID wedding message to guests that love always wins. 

If you don’t have enough time, visit all different venue websites to pick the best. You can simply check the Regency Venue, an affordable and glamorous venue with all the safety measures you might need for your wedding.


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