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 “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West. No matter how old or busy you’re, you owe yourself a reward every now and then. Your birthday is the best occasion to treat your aging soul a bit. And loneliness should no more be your birthday theme; it’s time for you to go big. Worry no more; the Regency team will be your assistant on how to plan a birthday party from scratch. 

Where Will You Have It?

When it comes to the birthday celebration, everywhere could be a great spot; just go where your heart desires. Organizing your birthday party is possible in a home, villa, bar, restaurant, pool, or venue. Deciding on the place should be the first step in your birthday party planning since it will facilitate the rest of the preparations and help you make your birthday party checklist.

If you want to save yourself stress and trouble, a venue is the most reasonable option. You won’t have to worry about how to plan a birthday party because it’s all set and equipped with all the supplies. For example, seats, tables, plates, glasses, and anything you might need. Not only that, but the spot is all yours, unlike a bar or a restaurant where there will be many imposters. 

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Birthday Party Planning Tips With Venues

Even though birthday party planning is stress-free in venues, you have to do some work:

  • Research possible venues before organizing your birthday party. Reading guests’ reviews is a smart move; take a thorough look, and decide accordingly.
  • Tour probable venues and make sure all amenities are available. As a matter of fact, a tour will assure you if both the theme and adult birthday decoration ideas are applicable in the hall.
  • It would be helpful to have a friendly chit-chat with servers. You’ll get an idea of how nice or rude they are. The polite and friendly staff makes guests feel comfortable, and vice versa.  
  • Contact the venue’s DJ, and discuss their music style. If you don’t like their taste, you should consider looking for another.
  • Arrange all these tips in a birthday party checklist before the tour to avoid forgetting any.

The Timeline

Party Planning Tips: 3 Months Before

An early bird catches the worm. So, don’t stall the layout, and start the preparations three months in advance. The earlier, the better. Event planning for birthday parties requires a lot of work. Yet, a 90 day sounds like a long period for some. So, they may think, “how to plan a birthday party three months before?” 

  • First and foremost, your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the birthday celebration? A fixed budget will help you allocate a specific percentage for the site, guest list, decoration, catering, cake, and needed items.
  • After setting a reasonable budget, start planning your birthday party guest list. Cheerful and upbeat people will make your birthday pan out. Try not to invite those who make the atmosphere gloomy and depressing; they will turn it into a funeral. It’s a birthday celebration, and positivity should be prominent! 
  • Regarding the site, booking your event place in advance will give you a great chance to reserve the site on the exact date of your birthday. Don’t put it off; your birthday twins might be considering the same site. Stay ahead of them, and make the reservation.
  • Then, you should decide on your birthday theme. A particular theme will contribute to your shopping list, invitations, and food. 
  • Finally, think about some adult birthday decoration ideas to maximize the site’s suitability. 

Party Planning Tips: 1 Month Before

The clock is ticking, and your birthday party is almost here; 30 days to go. So you have to buckle down and bring the birthday planner inside you to life.

  • Planning a birthday party guest list, checked. Well, great. Now, it’s time to prepare the invitations. It’s better to let people know about your event’s date in advance so they free their schedule and get ready. Online invitations are a huge trend now. So, if you’re interested, there are many templates for inspiration. But, if you’re more into traditional ways, you have to start looking for a trusted print shop to get the job done.
  • Once the online or paper invitations are ready, they should be sent to guests. Depending on the style of the invitations, you can deliver them in-person, by mail, or online.
  • You booked the site, sent the invitations, and completed huge tasks of event planning for the birthday party. Now, it’s time to plan the catering for the birthday party. Choose a serving style that’s suitable for both your budget and site. Then, start looking for a reputable catering company. Discuss the average cost and make a final decision. It’s too early to book the catering, but having an initial idea would save some trouble.

Party Planning Tips: 1 Week Before

A week left for your birthday celebration, but things won’t be as stressful as you imagine because you’ve come a very long way in organizing your birthday party. Yet, there are still some fun and simple things to get done.

  • No birthday is complete without the cake. So, look online for nearby bakeries with a good reputation and positive reviews. Go easy on the design if your budget is tight. However, what matters the most is the flavor. So, make sure you taste a cake sample for the available dessert options. 
  • As for the food, you’ve already made up your mind about the serving style. So, a week before the birthday celebration is the best time to make the final catering order. Never underestimate the importance of tasting some samples because you have to ensure the food quality is what you’re looking for. 
  • What will you wear on your special day? No clue? It’s time to go shopping at your favorite stores with your friends.

Party Planning Tips: 1 Day Before

Your journey in planning a birthday party has come to an end.

  • You’ve done a great job, but now it’s time for some relaxation and relief. Book a spa appointment in a close center to have some massage and relieve all the stress. You should reward yourself; a birthday planner deserves some spoiling after a long weary. 
  • Get a relaxing shower and some skincare. There will be so many cameras pointed at you; having vital skin would be a plus to the memorable pictures.
  • Make a final confirmation from both the catering company and the bakery. In addition, discuss the delivery time to guarantee food arrives fresh and tempting.
  • Finally, contact your friends and ask them to arrive early to give you some support and help with the final preparations. 
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See, planning a birthday party isn’t that hard after all! By following the birthday party planning tips, your plan is a piece of cake. Your birthday celebration will be luckier in The Regency; our team knows how to plan a birthday party, and will take care of all the preparations we mentioned above. Moreover, we’ll update you about every step to ensure your birthday party will be as magnificent as you want it to be.

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