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Planning for your next big event can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful when it comes to all the decisions that have to be made.

However, with some careful research, you can make the entire process much more enjoyable. Not only that, your event will be exactly what you had imagined and your guests will have a day to remember.

Los Angeles is home to so many different diverse areas that can all work for a specific event, but finding the right event planning company or locations is often the most important step in making sure the day of your event goes perfectly.

Below, we’ll offer some great tips for choosing an event company as well as how to find the perfect locations for your event.

Decide on Your Needs & Budget First

Although your first instinct may be to start calling planners and locations, your first step should be to decide what you want for your event.

You likely already know the type of event you are planning, whether it be a wedding, quinceanera, corporate event, or something else. But you also want to consider the details of the event

Number Of Guests For The Event

Your intended guest list should be decided pretty early in the process when searching for an event planner and location. The location especially will need to be large enough to accommodate your guests, but not so large it feels empty.

Also, going for too large of an event space may needlessly use up your budget that could be better spent on other amenities.

Try to get your guest list and guest count as precise as possible. Adding guests later in the process can upset the entire process and cause difficulty and stress as the event approaches.

Set Your Budget For The Event

This is very important as a set budget will help you narrow down your choices early in the planning process, which helps to alleviate the stress of having too many choices. We all want the most lavish and exciting event possible, but having a set budget and sticking to it helps to keep costs and complications from spiraling out of control.

When budgeting, make sure to leave a little room for upgrades here and there. So set a certain amount you’re willing to go over your budget for that one thing that you can’t live without. For example, allow for 10% over your budget if you find a band, location, or caterer that just seems too perfect to pass up.

Choosing An Event Planning Company

There are many event planning companies in Los Angeles to choose from. Having your list of requirements and budget in hand will help you start to narrow down your choices and find the perfect fit.

Some planners will also generally specialize in certain events, even if they say they cover all events. A look at their social media accounts or website will generally show you what type of events they specialize in. 

The time of year that your event is being held should also be taken into consideration. For example, event photographers in Los Angeles generally have a busy season in the spring and early summer, then again in the fall. So you may have to plan around this or take it into consideration.

Ask What Relationships The Planner Has With Other Services

Before choosing a planner, ask if they have any relationships with event spaces in Los Angeles or other vendors in the industry. Having experience with the event location you choose can go a long way toward making sure things go smoothly with a vendor. They also may be able to help with costs or schedules depending on their relationship with the venue.

Check References

When choosing a planner or any other service for your big day, make sure to check recent references. A trustworthy company should be happy to share the experiences of their past clients along with photos and other materials. If you find it difficult to find references or if the company is apprehensive or dismissive, it’s likely not a good sign.

Schedule Interviews and Tours

You will want to meet with your vendors and also tour the event venue before making your final decision. Make sure to do a little preparation before both the interviews and the tour. You want to have all your questions answered now that you’re getting close to making your final decision.

If the vendor or your chosen venue can’t answer some of your questions, you may want to choose from another option on your list. A professional planner, event venue, or event vendor should provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

Check The Event Contracts And Agreements

Make sure you fully understand the agreements with your planner, event venue, and other vendors such as caterers or musicians. There will likely be clauses for cancelation, refunds, cut-off dates to make changes and other situations. Make sure you fully understand and are comfortable with all of these before signing on the dotted line.

The Perfect Event Starts With the Right Event Venue

There are many downtown Los Angeles event venues to choose from, but finding the perfect one is what matters most.

Regency Event Venue in Glendale is an exceptional location and just minutes from downtown Los Angeles. We have two distinct rooms to match any event setting. Whether you want a grand ballroom atmosphere or something more intimate, we can host the perfect celebration in our choice of rooms.

We also have our own in-house catering and event vendors. This helps make your planning so much easier. Not only that, but our vendors understand the space and can deliver outstanding service that your guests will talk about for months.

If you’re looking for event planning services for your next celebration, contact The Regency today. Our staff and in-house vendors are dedicated to making sure your next event is one to remember.