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Planning an event isn’t easy; it requires many organizational and professional skills. The event planner needs to consider everything regarding the event, starting from checking venues and attracting sponsors to finding vendors and contracting with them. But, how would any event planner get everything done without forgetting anything?

The truth is, we’re humans, and our brains cannot function properly under pressure. So, sometimes, we need help from what technology has developed. Event management software and apps will guide the planner through every step and facilitate the event planning process.

Unlike many beliefs that event app software is only helpful in the case of virtual events, they could also be friendly for in-person events. The secret to the most effortless event planning is not behind the scenes anymore. Here are the top event management software and apps in 2022.


Whether it’s a hybrid, virtual, or in-person event, Cvent is the best event management software that helps clients plan their events from scratch and establish a sufficient plan that will guarantee a powerful impact. Cvent is an effective event management solution; it features many helpful event management tools that help planners increase attendance and depress costs, especially for in-person events.

With the help of this event app software, planners can be matched with the best event venues, engage the audience, and notch up the event’s success. Cvent has remote and in-person offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.


Bizzabo eliminates boundaries and helps event managers achieve their goals and attain the best results. This event management software makes planning the largest events as easy as breathing, and that’s by using a simplified ticketing system and providing users with helpful tools for event registration and management.

Bizzabo also helps manage marketing campaigns to run the most successful events and reach a large audience. This event management solution helps users tackle all the tasks starting from getting sponsors and arriving at selling the tickets. The event planning platform, Bizzabo, guarantees the utmost security and privacy for both attendees and planners.


Eventzilla is a cloud-based event app software with a very friendly interface; it aids planners in event registrations and promotions. Eventzilla supports a very beneficial feature that enables organizers to share the event tickets on many social media platforms so that attendees can purchase a ticket with one click.

What makes Eventzilla one of the best event management software is its features for planning conferences, training, classes as well as events. Add to that; attendees have full access to their tickets. So they can view and edit them on their own.


Sched is a great event management solution; it allows organizers to manage everything about their events, including sponsors, speakers, and attendees. Sched features the most advantageous event management tools. For example, an organizer can use the event planning platform’s spreadsheets to add attendees and send personalized invites.

And to save the event manager’s time, Sched gives speakers access to their profile so that they can add and edit their bio and picture by themselves. It also helps event managers get matched with sponsors. These features and many more gradually contribute to the audience’s attention.


Seatedly is the best event management software for ticketing. It has many professional ticketing options that aren’t available on other event planning platforms. It supports multi-ticket types at different prices and allows organizers to offer vouchers.

Attendees can purchase their tickets and easily choose their seats in the venue or the stadium with the help of interactive seat mapping. The in-depth reporting dashboard that Seatedly supports allows organizers to track sales numbers and total revenues. 

Event planning apps that will save your time

Whether it’s a hybrid, virtual, or in-person event, event planners are bombarded by the little details like checklists and guest lists. Consequently, they won’t be able to focus on big decisions that will make or break the event.

Event planners have many responsibilities, but they must compromise and prioritize. The little tasks that take a long time and consume a lot of energy and effort are no more the responsibility of anyone but the event management solutions listed below:


Eventbrite is an advanced online ticketing platform that millions of event organizers worldwide have used. It gathers events’ info from all around the world and helps visitors get matched with the event that matches their interests and preferences. This event planning platform allows organizers to plan and promote their events. It also enables users to create surveys and polls.  

From the very first moment an organizer visits Eventbrite, they’ll be asked to answer questions regarding the event they’ll be holding. Then, the event planner will be offered a lot of helpful event management tools and options that Eventbrite provides to promote the event. 


Zkipster is an event app software that focuses on invite-only events. It provides seamless guest list tools. With the help of Zkipter, a user can create guest profiles using simple templates, and the broad list could be classified into categories, for example, VIPs and sponsors.

Not only that, but the guest profile contains all details about the guests; their names, phone numbers, guest list, food preferences, and any additional notes. The user also controls the seating by adding, editing, and labeling chairs and tables. Last but not least, Zkipster comes with Twitter and Instagram integrations.


MagicPlan, as the name suggests, magically eases the floor planning for event organizers. All a user has to do is access this advanced event plan manager, take a 30 seconds video of the venue, and MagicPlan will capture the interior space.

Afterward, event planners can decorate it by adding all the elements they want; for example, decorations, chairs, tables, etc. In addition, photos, notes, labels, and more could be added to the floor plan to aid the planner in setting their events floor. MagicPlan automatically calculates the costs and saves the time spent in estimations. 

Top Table Planner

This event planning platform helps users arrange the floor plan for weddings and banquets. An organizer can choose the type and number of tables and chairs, then align them the way they like and drag guests from a Word file or an Excel sheet. By utilizing Top Table Planner, the event planner will gain insight into the guests’ seatings. 

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is a venue management software, event planning software, and floor planning software. It integrates more than 20 tools, including budgets, checklists, dashboards, reports, and others.

These useful event management tools -according to Planning Pod- save planners more than 62 hours a month. It facilitates communication with the team, staff, and vendors, accelerating the work pace. Users can also use the event layout software to make the dream event real. 


No matter how large the event is, planning it is no longer as challenging as before. The best event management software is now handy for all organizers online, and the most arduous and huge tasks are now performed with a click. 

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