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Exchanging gifts on happy occasions is a super intimate and pleasing idea to express love and care. And a wedding is one of the most joyful and memorable events. So, wedding gifts have been provided for the bridegroom since that tradition was first introduced to the world of nuptials. But, because people’s tastes differ and finding a suitable gift is challenging, a couple may receive a massive number of gifts that aren’t usable or don’t match their preferences and expectations. So, a brilliant idea was first introduced in 1924 to save the weary for guests and bridegroom, which is the wedding registry.

This article will introduce what a wedding registry is, the seven inappropriate wedding gifts, and what to do with the wedding registry after the wedding.

What Is A Wedding Registry?

A wedding registry is a service that online websites or retail stores provide to engaged couples. This service enables the two to list all the items they need and would be happy to receive. The wedding registry will be available for wedding guests by the store or the couple’s family.

When a guest purchases one of the listed items, it’s automatically crossed out, so the bridegroom doesn’t receive the same gift from many guests. If you’re a couple about to create your wedding registry, sit tight and read the Regency’s exclusive wedding registry etiquette on the inappropriate wedding gift you shouldn’t include on the gift list.

Super expensive stuff

Well, your wedding visitors aren’t magic genes; they aren’t supposed to make your dreams of owning the latest PlayStation model or a Yalos Diamond true. Expensive gifts seriously breach the wedding registry etiquette and make you look like a freeloader couple taking advantage of guests. 

Keep in mind that not all guests are well-to-do, and including lavish things on the registry will put them in a tight spot and make them feel embarrassed. Even if some of the guests are wealthy, they won’t be very welcoming to spending a fortune on a wedding gift.

Individualized gifts

Bride-to-be and groom-to-be, you both have received a lot of personalized gifts at the shower and the bachelor party. So, individualized gifts such as a phone, expensive pieces of cloth, perfume, and others aren’t the top things to put on your wedding registry.

Instead, the best wedding registry items should be gifts that could be used by both of you or something for the home, such as a decorative item, microwave, Champaign glasses, or a toaster.  

Baby items

Thanks to our traditions, each event has its ceremonies and gifts. You, the bride, have enjoyed your own time and receive personalized gifts in the shower, and the same goes for the groom. And finally, the fruit of your love, the future baby, will be showered with all kinds of gifts at the shower. So, try not to break traditions and rush things; leave the newborn items for their proper time, and don’t include them on your wedding registry; the whole concept is illogical and inappropriate.

Do you know if you’ll give birth to a boy or a girl? Do you know what the size of the baby will be? You definitely don’t. Baby items aren’t the best things to put on your wedding registry; don’t you even think about it. However, if you’re extra excited about your yet-to-coming baby and the shower, check out our helpful tips for planning the perfect baby shower

Money and gift certificates

Whether it’s for a fund for a honeymoon, future home, or kids’ education, money isn’t one of the top things to put on a wedding registry. Take it as a life rule; regardless of the case, never ask for money. If someone wants to offer a cash gift, it’s their call, and however, asking for it is poor etiquette. 

Gifts for others

Many bridegrooms register for items that they don’t need, but they include them anyway to re-gift them to others on other occasions, maybe engagements, weddings, or birthday parties. This kind of gift breaches the rules of wedding registry etiquette because if you re-gifted one of the registry items to someone who was invited to the wedding, they would immediately know that it was on the list and it’s re-gifted. 

In fact, you both, the bridegroom, won’t get the chance to select your gifts on any occasion. So, why do you want to get gifts for others!

Seize the chance and register for things that you will use and enjoy. 

Intimate items

Before deciding if any gift should or shouldn’t appear on your registry, consider the huge possibility of opening that gift in front of all wedding guests, including your grand grandmother and little kids. So, things such as lingerie are absolutely not one of the best things to put on a wedding registry. It’ll be embarrassing for you and all guests and make the whole gift-opening part extraordinarily awkward and uncomfortable. Let alone the awkward situation guests will be placed in when buying such an inappropriate wedding gift for you. 


Most housewives-to-be get extremely excited about shopping for kitchen necessities and start buying all kinds of the essentials such as mixing bowls, cutting boards, pots, and others. But, when it comes to cookware sets, many view them as an attractive yet expensive thing to own.

For them, it’s one of the best wedding registry items. So, instead of purchasing it themselves, they include it on the registry. But the truth is, ladies, a whole collection of different-sized pots and pans will take up significant space in your kitchen, and you’ll barely use two or three from the entire collection. Furthermore, a cookware set is really heavy to carry, which will make it a very inappropriate wedding gift to ask for.

Are you finally married? What to do with the wedding registry?

Even if the big day ends and you’ve received some of the best wedding registry items, it’s okay to leave the online registry active for weeks, months, or even years. Some would say why? What is a wedding registry but a guide to help guests find the best wedding gift? 

The truth is wedding registry etiquette isn’t restricted to pre-wedding gifts. However, it welcomes the idea of post-wedding gifts as well, and many guests do! Some might not have had the chance to get you a gift, or they simply want to get another.

Furthermore, many online websites offer special discounts for purchasing the remaining items! 

So, try not to close the wedding registry as soon as the wedding ends. The best wedding registry items which were left might finally find their way to your home!

In a nutshell

Setting the wedding registry is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. So, enjoy and don’t overthink it because there is no rule for the best wedding registry items. Anything that you both need and that doesn’t embarrass you or guests will be a great option.

Enjoy your gifts, and don’t forget to write guests heart-warming thank you cards!

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