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A bridal shower is the last day the bride will be spending with her friends as a single lady. It’s a pre-wedding party planned by female friends and family members; men aren’t welcomed. What do you do at a bridal shower? First and foremost, games and fun activities are a significant part of the party. Secondly, there should be food. Guests will definitely feel hungry during the long entertaining ceremonies. So, a meal or a buffet is required.

There’s no need to tell about favorite ladies’ activity in each bridal shower, chatter, and gossip; they’re always part of the celebration. The fresh bride will receive numerous and various gifts from her loved ones as a proper etiquette of a bridal shower. Sometimes people gift household and furniture necessities, like, pots, cups, table covers, and others. Some ladies prefer to get the “bride to be” something to wear and personally benefit from, like, pajamas, dresses, and bags. Make sure to bring a special gift. The bride will open the gifts in front of other guests afterward.

When & Who Plans The Bridal Shower?

When to send bridal shower invites? A wedding shower could be thrown anytime before the wedding day, but it’s preferred not to have it too early or too late; two months is the maximum. On the other hand, it shouldn’t take place less than two weeks before the wedding as it’ll lose the unique taste of the celebration’s concept.

Actually, this party should be a surprise for the bride-to-be. Consequently, she can’t plan or do anything regarding pre-party preparations; it’s a bridal shower etiquette. So, who plans the bridal shower? It’s genuinely the bride’s maids’ responsibility. They should take care of each and every part of the party, from when to send bridal shower invites to the little details. The girl who plans the bridal shower should be able to handle everything and make it perfect. 

Where Should You Host Your Bridal Shower?

The answer varies depending on the bride’s preferences. Some girls prefer outdoor celebrations; others like to stay cozy in a closed place. All locations are perfect for a wedding shower. It could be hosted wherever the bride feels comfortable. It could be a house, a restaurant, a villa, or even a venue. Honestly, most people tend to throw bridal showers in venues. Everything is already prepared, and everyone is friendly and willing to help and serve the guests. Regency hall has hosted many joyful bridal showers already. It’s a recommended option in LA with two available spaces, a large one and a small one, in addition to 23 different menu types.

Furthermore, hosting a wedding shower in a venue saves the party’s organizers time and effort. Outdoor and indoor sites are available, so nothing will stop you from planning your dear girl the party of her dreams! 

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What Traditions Are There?

What is a bridal shower without outstanding traditions? One of the most fundamental things about the wedding shower is that it’s a female gathering only; not even a single male is allowed to be at the party. In addition, the bride should open the gifts in front of all guests. Meanwhile, one of the girls should be making a bouquet from the ribbons and wrapping paper.

The celebration should take place in the daytime only, that’s the proper etiquette. Finally, though no man is welcome, a flower bouquet from the groom at the end of the shower is a bridal shower etiquette and a heart-touching gesture.

What’s The Dress Code At A Bridal Shower?

When it comes to the dress code, go as far and crazy as possible. Anything that makes the bride’s shower outstanding and memorable is accepted. Actually, a floral crown is a critical bridal shower etiquette; all girls should put one on during the party, the bride included, but her crown should have a veil. You have to decide on the dress code before sending bridal shower invites because girls like to take their time shopping for this party.

Setting The Menu

No party is complete without some tasty dishes and drinks. They are a critical part of bridal shower planning. But, preparing the bridal shower menu might seem challenging, especially if it’s your first time planning an event and you have no clue how to plan a bridal shower.

Let us make this job easier for you. All girls are infatuated with all kinds of sweets and chocolates. So, when in doubt, prepare a full table of desserts. You don’t have to prepare it yourself, many restaurants and stores would be happy to offer their catering services. What is a bridal shower without drinks? Don’t forget champagne and cocktails. You girls and the bride deserve to get drunk a little. Who says we can’t get drunk in the daytime?  

Suppose you want to make a diverse table that’s not confined to sweets and desserts. Your table should contain appetizers and the main course; the venues also can give you menu suggestions

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Planning The Games & Activities

What do you do at a bridal shower? Follow proper etiquette, give gifts, eat, drink, and that’s all! Those mentioned above are basic and boring, and they don’t add any spice to this once-in-a-lifetime party. However, because guests’ satisfaction is the responsibility of who plans the bridal shower, we’ve prepared some of the most fun activities.

Games and activities are considered a wedding shower tradition and an essential part of bridal shower planning. Thus, don’t skip this part, “How to plan a bridal shower’s activities.” 

  • Your bestie is about to tie the knot and get married, but everyone will get the chance to tie the knot in the bridal shower, yet differently. A cherry knot is one of the most popular bridal shower etiquettes. Each lady will be given a bowl of cherry, not only to eat but also to tie. They should eat the fruit and keep the stem in their mouth until it’s tied. The girl who ties more stems wins, and Maraschino cherry stems are easier to handle.

  • A lot of gifts will be there at the party. It’s bridal shower etiquette! So, let’s take advantage of that and come up with a game. We’ve just agreed that the bride should open her gifts during the shower, right? A bride will open gifts, and girls will guess who the giver is. It’ll create some fun and excitement in such a typical part of the celebration.

  • Truth or dare should always be part of all gatherings. But really, this nosey game would be a great source of laughter and cheer up for all guests, especially if all the guests are close. The list of games goes on and on; take a look. 


Bridal shower planning will take time, and it’ll definitely exhaust you. But your bestie deserves to feel loved on this memorable day. Even if you don’t have an idea on how to plan a bridal shower, you’ll figure it out, and it’ll be the best party ever. So break a leg and have fun. 

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