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Whether it’s a gathering to celebrate a new milestone, welcome new employees, or the ordinary annual holiday party, hosting the same classical celebration is no longer an option. The holiday party this year should have a distinctive theme.

We know how overwhelming planning an end-of-the-year party is, so the Regency team will lift one burden by suggesting unique theme parties to inspire you for this year’s holiday party.

Western party

Western is one of our favorite themes for holiday parties because it’s very out-of-the-box, and there’s so much space for innovation in venues, decorations, and definitely outfits.

If you went for the western theme party, you have to keep in mind that it’s all about the site. Your venue will set the unique theme party and make decorating it a piece of cake. 

Some of the best sites for such a party theme are a ranch, cabin, or stable; they would have the rustic and western atmosphere needed for a western theme party. However, adding some decorating items would make it even more adequate. For example, you can add some barrels and use them as mini tables. Use red bandanas as table clothes and decorate them with mini cacti. In addition, you can set a photobooth for Woody and Jessie, the western Toy Story characters. It will add a special touch to the western theme party venue, and guests will enjoy putting their faces in and taking photographs.

As for the western theme party’s outfits, cowboy jeans, hats, and boots are unnegotiable clothing items for a western theme party for both men and women. Here are more ideas for the western theme party outfits.


Back to the times of bucket hats, oversizes, and Fugees’ “Killing me softly,” the 90s theme party could be a very good bet. And yes, you’ve aged enough to make the 90s a nostalgic party theme. Let the 90s vibes have a presence from the very first part of the party by sending 90s-inspired invitations. Make them as colorful and vibrant as possible, as pink, yellow, orange, and aqua were the dominant colors back then, so they will perfectly match the 90s theme party. Actually, your home is a good place to host such a kind of theme party, but you really have to nail the decorations.

Brainstorm everything about those golden days to come up with 90s theme party decoration ideas. For example, the boy band posters you used to decorate your room with, CDs, boomboxes, tapes, and neon sticks would add an authentic 90s atmosphere to the party. Go big with colors; they’re the secret ingredient for successful 90s theme party decorations. 

Guests’ outfits have very strong power in setting the party’s tone. And having a whole group of guests dressed in skinny jeans at a 90s theme party would ruin the whole theme. Everyone must dress in 90s theme party outfits by wearing flared jeans, chokers, overalls, etc. To make sure everyone will show up in the top 90s fashion trends, inform your guests about the party dress code in the colorful invitation.

Here are our favorite 90s theme party outfits:

Plaid set with thigh-high socks

One of the unique 90s theme party outfits for girls is the iconic yellow suit Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless. The outfit was an absolute hit when the film was launched and will have the same effect at the party.

Adidas tracksuit

A funky 90s theme party outfit for cool guys is The RUN DMC’s commercial, my Adidas suit. Accessorizing it with a golden chain and classic hat will bring the 90s vibes to life.  

White Christmas

Inspired by the thick white snow that’s an all-time Christmas guest in LA, bringing whiteness and purity into your venue will be a unique theme party. Kick off your white Christmas theme for work party with white festive invitations to set your party’s theme from the very start, and get ready to plan one of the most elegant themes for holiday parties

But since you’ve chosen elegant white as your party theme, the venue should also match the vibe. Go for an all-white fancy event venue, as it’s already themed. All you should do is add some magical elements, and your white Christmas theme for work party is all set. For example, you can set a Christmas tree and hang white items like bells, stars, and lights. Finalize your winning decoration element with artificial snow to turn it into a real December tree. Decorate the venue with some white wreaths and Santa socks, and light it up using string lights. 

As for the dress code, it could not be easier, guests already have the theme color, and it’s up to them to go for the style that best suits them!


If you want to host a special formal holiday party, look no more. The masquerade is one of the most outstanding themes for holiday parties. It is a treat for your employees to feel fancy after a long year of achievements. Guests can come hidden behind their special masks and dressed in formal attire. 

And just like the Christmas theme for workers’ parties, VIPs need to be accommodated in a very exquisite venue. Look for classical venues inspired by 18th-century architecture since the masquerade unique theme party raised in popularity the most back then. 

Casino Party

Create the classic casino atmosphere for a fun and unique theme party. Trust us; if you know how to plan it right, this theme for holiday party will be absolutely fun and memorable for each and every guest. 

Treat your guests to the VPs experience and lay out a red carpet at the venue’s entrance, as it’s an essential decoration item for a casino party theme. Add some velvet ropes and lights to create a more dramatic effect, and hire a photographer to maximize the celebrity experience. And as for the venue interior decorations, go for red, white, and black items, as they’re the classical casino colors; some balloons might do the trick. 

But if you want our advice, many decoration ideas will be a waste of time and money as the casino theme party basically revolves around the “casino games.” So, they have to be the main focus. To ensure your guests a fun and entertaining casino party theme experience, set as many table games as possible.

Most people enjoy playing card games such as poker, blackjack, and bingo; get the poker chips and some playing cards and let the fun start. But there’s still a missing element, which no casino party would be complete without, slot machines. Rent some table top slot machines and bring the real Vegas’ spirit right into your holiday party. 


This year’s holiday party will be the most fun and unique of all events your company has ever planned. It’s all about the theme, select one of the themes we gathered, and your party will rock. 


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