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When two hearts bind with true love’s tie, tying their last names together officially and in the presence of their loved ones becomes a must. A wedding is a declaration to the world that these two people’s love has become official, and they’ve agreed on it forever. But until that lovely day comes, a couple will undergo so much stress.

Planning a wedding isn’t at all easy; both the bride and groom will feel stressed and agitated to the extent that they forget or overlook many things regarding their wedding. That’s why we’ve put together the seven biggest wedding planning mistakes most couples commit when preparing for their big day. 

Here’re the top wedding planning mistakes to avoid:

Consider the legalities of marriage

The church’s bells ring, the officiant’s announcement “legally wed,” and the first kiss is the scenario that all love birds keep fantasizing about over and over again; however, for a couple to turn this fantasy into reality, they have to get right with the law

The first thing to do when planning a wedding is to obtain a marriage license. This procedure should take place a few days before the official ceremonies, as the license expires after a limited number of days. Acquiring an officiant to supervise the ceremony and legalize the wedding is also required ASAP. 

Postponing these processes is one of the biggest wedding mistakes and might result in delays and changes in plans. So, a couple must keep their marriage legalities on the top of their wedding thingsto-do list and try to figure them out as soon as they get a chance.

Not stick to the timeline

The first thing to do when planning a wedding is to establish a structured timeline. The main point of a wedding timeline is to put everything in order and leave no chance of forgetting or messing up the important list of wedding things to do.

The best wedding tips recommend that each couple devise two wedding timelines, one for the pre-wedding preparations, including touring venues, meeting with vendors, sending invitations, etc., and another one for the wedding day’s order of events, including the first dance, dinner serving, wedding speeches, etc.

Trust us, insufficient planning and the inability to operate to a detailed timeline are among the biggest wedding mistakes that doom a wedding to failure even before it starts. 

Forget about the weather

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, weather is always a game changer when it comes to nuptials. Harsh cold weather conditions can result in road closings, affecting the accessibility of the venue. On the contrary, scorching heat might require additional air conditioners.

Weather can make or break a wedding, and neglecting this fact or acting like the weather is stable and nothing bad will happen is one of the biggest wedding mistakes. A couple has to take all the precautions by staying up to date regarding the weather and acting accordingly, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding; bad weather can completely ruin it.

Forget to run a test trial of the outfit, hair & makeup

Nothing would ruin a bride’s day than finding out that she gained weight and her perfect wedding dress no longer fits; it’s a nightmare for all brides. Although this issue troubles all women, many still make the same wedding mistake and do not try on their dress before the wedding. 

A bride’s weight isn’t maintainable, especially in the last three months before the wedding, as the stress might drive her to eat more or less, affecting the dress’s fit. So, it’s preferable to avoid this wedding planning mistake by running a dress trial one month before the big day; this time is long enough to shop for a new dress or fit the initial one.

But we all know a wedding dress, no matter how fancy, won’t award a bride with the final breathtaking look on its own; rather, it needs companions, a great hairdo, and natural glam makeup. And figuring out these two at the last minute is another wedding mistake. Rather, a bride must have a clear idea about the makeup style she wants and the hairstyle that most fits her face shape at least weeks before the party. 

Here are some of the best wedding tips for a perfect makeup and hair trial.

Expanding the wedding guest list

A wedding is one of the most momentous stages in one’s life. So, it should be celebrated the right way and with the right people. Wedding guests significantly affect the overall wedding atmosphere; actually, they’re the ones who set it. That’s why wedding guests must be picked with the utmost care.

One of the biggest wedding mistakes couples make is establishing a huge guestlist, believing that the more the guests, the more fun. However, that’s completely false; when there’re many people, a wedding loses its intimacy and familiarity. A couple will find themselves surrounded by people they don’t know, haven’t seen in ages, and don’t enjoy their company. 

Anyway, when avoiding this wedding mistake and squeezing the guestlist only to fit the closest family members and dearest friends, that’s when the party will be cordial.

Prepare any DIY wedding projects

Some brides, unfortunately, don’t have a very big wedding budget, so they tend to rely on themselves to make their dream wedding real on a budget; that’s achieved by decorating the venue, designing invitations, preparing favors, etc., all by themselves!

But actually, this is one of the biggest wedding mistakes, as DIY wedding projects aren’t always the most affordable option because a bride will need to buy all supplies herself and waste her time and energy. And in the end, the results will neither be satisfying nor worth the stress. 

So, no matter how tight the wedding budget is, a bride should never spoil her pre-wedding time this way; there’re always affordable alternative options. For example, a bride can search for small vendors ready to lend a hand for reasonable prices.

Here are some wedding planning ideas for a party on a budget

Avoid last-minute panicking

Marriage is a great milestone, and the life of both the groom and the bride will not stay the same after they say the magical spell “I do.” So, feeling intimidated is fine; it’s a typical routine before any couple’s wedding. 

However, what really matters is how they both deal with the stress and panic; do they nurture the negative ideas or fight them away? 

One of the best wedding tips experts advise for eliminating last-minute panicking is to think about the partner’s best merits and qualities. In addition, recalling all the heartwarming memories and experiences a couple has experienced together might make things less tense.


Committing one of the biggest wedding mistakes we put together above is very likely, as the pre-wedding stress can blind both the bride and groom. But after reading our best wedding tips and getting to know the most common wedding planning mistakes, the possibility of making any becomes minor.

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