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Most wedding venues are relatively similar and may differ in the furniture pieces, space, or colors. However, there’s that secret ingredient that adds to a wedding venue’s beauty and can change it significantly, the wedding decoration.

Actually, the suitable wedding décor has massive aesthetic power, and it’s your way to turn an ordinary wedding venue into your dream one. So, you really have to make up your mind about the wedding décor theme as soon as possible. If you haven’t found any exciting wedding décor ideas, worry no more, as the Regency’s team of experts has put together the trendiest wedding decoration ideas. Grab your wedding décor checklist and keep reading. 

Lighting essentials

No matter how simple your wedding decoration ideas are, lights will have a dramatic effect that adds to the beauty of your wedding setup. You only have to know what kind of lights to use, and where to put them. The truth is, you have to match the lighting design with your wedding style; is it classic, rustic, or tropical? 


A wedding with a sumptuous venue, tidy decoration, and white florals should also have the most luxurious lighting. Nothing would match a classic wedding style better than crystal chandeliers; You can go for elegant chandeliers or encounter the floral element, which would look great in an outdoor or indoor wedding venue. 

Some candles will also be great; you can use them for table décor as a counter piece or add them to the altar space. There are many candle decorations for weddings.

Rustic & tropical

String lights are the most popular wedding decoration ideas when it comes to rustic and tropical weddings, as they add a magical touch and are not very formal or classic. Take a look at how to use string lights to make amazing decorations for your wedding.

Lanterns are a very clever lighting option as well. You can hang some from a tree or arrange different size lanterns next to your wedding arch. What’s very special about lanterns is they’re very flexible. You can use metal lanterns to make your site more luxurious, or wooden ones to add a rustic touch to the site. 

Pretty Pale Pink Décor

Pink has always been one of the best colors for wedding decorations. And even though going pink is a traditional and simple wedding decoration idea, it always has the same remarkable effect. However, to avoid turning the wedding style into a girl baby shower, you should know where to use pink, and here are the best approaches:

Ceremony backdrop

If you want to make pink the most dominant color in your wedding venue, the ceremony backdrop is the best spot to do so. You can go for a pink flower wall or a pink curtained tent. 


Flowers are a crucial part of the wedding décor checklist. So, no matter how many pink flower arrangements you use, they will definitely look elegant. Use pink flowers on your aisle, arch, guests’ tables, and bouquet. 


The wedding table decoration is the way to make your pink wedding decoration glow. Even though you will be using pink flowers as centerpieces, the table set up can take other pink items. You can light the tables with pink candles and replace white napkins with pinky ones. 

Royal Sparkles Shine

Many couples believe that sparkles and glitters are juvenile and not sophisticated enough to be used in their wedding decoration, neglecting the magical effect they could add if they were correctly used. If you want to get the best of sparkles and glitter, you have to keep it simple. It will add a royal sparkle shine touch to your wedding decoration without overemphasizing it

For example, you can use glitter for the wedding table decoration; for example, in tables’ numbers and napkins’ rings. In addition, incorporating glitter with the wedding cake is a beautiful trend these days.  

Old Hollywood Glam

The old Hollywood glam wedding décor is one of the most luxurious ones. So, if you’re planning to get married like a celebrity, that’s the wedding setup you should go for. 

Actually, the old Hollywood glam is a lavish formal one. So, before setting your wedding décor checklist or thinking about any wedding decoration ideas, you must find a lavish venue that matches the glam vibe. 

This kind of décor is all about glitz and glam, so you should keep that in mind while choosing your wedding palette. Silver, gold, or rose gold has to make a big presence in the décor. Glitz should not be absent as well; you can add glitz to the counter piece, cake, table cloth, or backdrop. 

Flowers are a very important wedding décor element; they should be dominant and stand out, especially when it comes to this décor theme. That’s why you should choose a strong color; red is the traditional color for old Hollywood glam décor and is always a great option. Add flower arrangements on guests’ tables, the aisle, and the bar.

Elegant and Soft

Choosing elegance as your wedding décor theme is a smart move. Elegance is about simplicity, so it’s a matter of some elegant, simple wedding decoration ideas only, and your elegant soft wedding is good to go.

Floral table runners have a magical effect that dramatically enhances the tables’ décor. All flower types and colors will look fascinating if arranged neatly with greenery. However, white tulips are our favorite for a soft wedding table décor. 

As chairs will occupy a huge space in the wedding venue, they could add to the decorations of the wedding set up beauty. And actually, you don’t have to bother about decorating them with flowers, tulle, or greenery; choosing luxurious chairs will do the trick. For instance, king Louis XVI’s chairs are exquisite and will function as a smart decoration and functional item.  

Rustic and Classic

The rustic wedding decoration can make guests feel at home as it’s simple and cozy. Additionally, you won’t need a lot of ideas and items; some simple wedding decoration ideas will be enough to transfer the ordinary site into a wonderful rustic one fully. 

Welcoming guests by a rustic wooden party sign is a wonderful way to add a rustic theme to the venue. Include your names, the date, and seating arrangements. The sign might be a decoration item for your future home, not only the venue. 

As the wedding arch has a superpower in setting the party’s theme, it must have some rustic characteristics. So, it should be a wooden arch decorated with your favorite types and colors of flowers. 

Apart from the arch, too many flower arrangements might ruin the rustic décor theme and turn it into an elegant one; something must replace flowers. Wheat is the new trend that all event planners are using recently, and it could be used as table décor; and you can also hang some wheat wreaths from the ceiling. 

Classic altar embellishments

While the eyes of all guests will be fixed on you and your partner when you exchange love vows and have your first kiss as a married couple, the wedding altar setup must be an excellent background to these momentous events. 

Arches are the most classic and elegant kinds of altar embellishments. You can never go wrong with a greenery arch with colorful flowers. Check out these stunning wedding arches to inspire you while decorating the wedding venue. 


Choosing the best decoration for your wedding is a daunting task as the wedding décor theme will set the tone for the wedding. But all you have to do is follow your heart; go for a décor style that matches your personality and style. We hope these seven décor ideas were of help and good luck with nailing the wedding checklist.

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