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So, you’ve found your lobster, you kneeled down on one knee, and you’re officially engaged to the woman of your dreams. What’s next? It’s the very exciting, unique, and momentum event in your whole life, the wedding day. 

Even though planning the wedding is a team effort, and each of you will have its own list of tasks and responsibilities, the planning process will be extremely overwhelming for you at some level. So, it would help if both bride and groom had a clear idea about their wedding do’s and don’ts.

We know that the wedding for groom is a stress overload, sometimes even more than for the bride. So, we’re spotlighting the wedding do’s and don’ts for grooms. 

Do get involved

The wedding isn’t the bride’s day only; it’s the day when you, the bride, and groom celebrate a unique event, the day where you become Mr. and Mrs., and since you will get to plan your wedding only once, you have to seize the chance and enjoy every part of the preparations. 

Your responsibilities aren’t restricted to the traditional things for groom to do on wedding day, saying your vows and giving your bride her wedding ring; there’s a lot to do! For example, go with your bride on the venue tour and accompany her to the catering tasting. We know you already have an extensive groom to-do list, but it’s your day, and you will regret not participating in the planning. In addition, the bride will very much appreciate your sweet gesture.

Do write your vows

Regardless of how many photographs and videos you take to help refresh the wedding day’s memory many years later, your words, vows, and promises will linger the most in her memory.

Exchanging love vows between the bride and groom is one of the most emotional parts of weddings. So, you have to be as passionate as possible in writing your vows. But we have to be honest with you; writing the wedding vows could be daunting; squeezing your profound feelings into a five-minute speech is not one of the most exciting tasks on your groom to-do list.  

But you really have to nail your vows because your bride will probably look forward to your speech even more than her wedding dress. 

We advise you to start planning and outlining your wedding vows two to three weeks before the wedding; writing the vows isn’t one of the things for groom to do on wedding day. Instead, you must take your time and write as many drafts as you think it needs. 

Frankly, the internet is an excellent source of inspiration, but copying someone else’s vows is a big NO. Rather, make sure that your vows are authentic and unique by praising your bride’s traits, expressing how much you love her, and telling stories about some of your personal moments.

Make sure to give your vows a final read on your groom night before wedding to ensure that you remember them clearly and that you will never mess up. In addition, you can rehearse your vows in front of the mirror on the wedding day to be fully confident in yourself. 

Here’s everything you must know about what to do on the groom’s night before the wedding, and the things for the groom to do on the wedding day.

Do dress your groomsmen

Groomsmen play a very significant role before and during weddings; they always have your back and give you all the advice, support, and help you might need on the groom’s night before the wedding. Also, they plan the groom party before wedding, attend your engagement, suit fitting, rehearsal dinner, and finally, your wedding day. 

But when it comes to the bride and groom’s big day, the wedding, your gang will be roaming the wedding venue, helping guests figure out their seats, giving speeches, dancing with the bridesmaids, and making toasts. 

So, you really have to ensure that they look absolutely sharp. Getting embarrassed because of your groomsmen’s ill-fitting suits isn’t one of the most exciting things for groom to do on wedding day

Whether you will pay for your best men’s attires or they will rent or buy them themselves, it’s completely cool for you to arrange their outfits.

Decide on whether you prefer your groomsmen to get dressed in a suit or tuxedo and suggest some colors for the attire. You and them can go attire shopping together, so you get the chance to choose the suits and provide your opinion about the whole look from the suit to the cufflinks.

Don’t do all the work & forget about your groomsmen

Weddings for grooms are a big source of stress; so many tasks and responsibilities and no way for failure; they have to get everything done PERFECTLY. 

And we’re telling you, your groom to-do list will be long, and you will have so much to do in a very short time frame, which will literally drive you nuts. But hold on, you aren’t supposed to carry the onerous burden all by yourself. Your best men weren’t granted that honor for no reason; they will be by your side and give you a hand in all tasks and preparations. 

You can discuss the tasks on your groom to-do list with them so each best man can take responsibility for a task. By that, almost half of the burden will be lessened, and your groomsmen will feel helpful that they had a hand in the preparations. 

Don’t forget to get your dream team special gifts to thank them for their help and efforts. 

Don’t have rigid wedding plans

The wedding for groom is as important to him as to the bride. So, all grooms must have their say about the whole wedding preparations and critical decisions, and so should you.

But being increasingly strict about the wedding choices, whether it’s the time, date, venue, serving style, or anything, will ruin the nuptial day for your bride even before it starts. 

Disagreements happen; she might have spent her whole life dreaming about her wedding in an outdoor venue, while you prefer to keep it indoors. And that’s fine; all brides and grooms encounter such problems; what matters is how they deal with them.

Are you really going to blow your future wife’s image of the perfect day just because you “prefer” indoors? It doesn’t make sense; you have to learn how to compromise.

Communication is key; you two have to discuss all the matters as a team and come up with final decisions that are suitable for both of you. For example, you two can go to her favorite restaurant to discuss all the matters from A to Z, talk about everything that they have disagreements about, and try to find a fair decision. Be nice and easy-going, and choose your words carefully; all brides get increasingly emotional before their wedding day. Trust us, the last thing you may want to do is upsetting your dear wife right before her big day.

Don’t be late with orders

Planning your wedding will be very exhausting; things for the groom to do on the wedding day and before it are numerous. You will be running from here to there, attending your suit fitting, finding accommodations for out-towner guests, attending the groom party before wedding, and a lot more.

And the truth is, such a huge groom to-do list will definitely make you disoriented that you might put off many decisions, including vendors’ booking, thinking that many vendors run a one-day delivery schedule. But actually, they aren’t many, and if you weren’t lucky enough to get matched with ones, your day would be completely ruined. 

So, to avoid such unpleasant incidents, keep all the important orders on top of your groom to-do list and get them done as soon as possible. 

And when you get increasingly bombarded, remember your wing team and assign them some tasks. 

Here’s more about the wedding planning do’s and don’ts.


Your role as a groom-to-be doesn’t end at kneeling down on one knee and hearing the long be waited “I do.” You will have many challenging responsibilities and things to do on your wedding day, before and after it. So, you better be trustworthy. Keep these wedding do’s and don’ts in mind to guarantee your bride and groom big day goes as smoothly as you have ever dreamed. 

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