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Do I need a videographer for my wedding?” is a question that most couples get puzzled about while setting their wedding checklist. Some might think that a photographer is enough to commemorate the event, and there’s no need to have two people roaming the wedding venue with cameras. Others might cross that part out of their list to balance the nuptials budget, as we all know how much a wedding videographer costs; it might be a lot for some.

But thinking about the wedding party, it’s not an ordinary event that will be repeated in a couple’s lives whenever they feel like it. They will never get the chance to see their grand entrance or the tears rolling down their cheek while exchanging love vows again; it’s one chance only.

So, they either seize it and invest in a professional Los Angeles wedding videographer or spend the rest of their lives trying to bring back one minute of that cherished event.

If you’ve ever wondered why should I get a videographer for wedding, here’s a sneak peek at the kind of experience the best wedding videographer Los Angeles will guarantee you. 

A wedding video is the best way to preserve the memory of the event

Most probably, the wedding day will go by in a flash. And since it’s a very emotional and extraordinary event in your life, you will definitely be disappointed that the day you have been waiting and planning for so long has ended so fast.

However, hiring the best wedding videographer Los Angeles will immortalize your wedding day. You will be able to live and enjoy the wedding party again from the very beginning without missing any part, as a professional Los Angeles videographer will ensure you get a real-life wedding perspective. Comparing how much a wedding videographer costs to how many memories you will eternalize, the wedding videographer tilts the balance. 

A Good Wedding Videographer Tells a Story

The best wedding videographer Los Angeles will help you rewrite, enact, and document your love story right from the minute you get to know each other. For example, you can find a local wedding videographer, and ask them to go to the coffee shop where you and your loved one first met and take some sweet clips to start the wedding video with

The wedding videographer might also use some videos and photos from the engagement until they end it with the final chapter of the love story, the wedding. It will be a very well-tailored and interesting video that you will never get enough of watching. 

It might increase the wedding videographer’s cost. However, if you manage to find a local videographer with good experience in producing this kind of video, it will be totally worth it.

By Hiring a Wedding Videographer, you’ll get a Whole New Perspective of your Wedding Day

While wondering, “should I get a videographer for wedding,” you have to keep in mind that there will be a lot happening during your nuptials. And you definitely won’t get the chance to be everywhere at once and enjoy all moments and events.

You won’t be able to see your friend and family’s excitement before your entrance; you will miss your grandparents’ cute dance moves and your partner’s tears when you walk down the aisle. However, by hiring a videographer for wedding, you will see the complete picture of your wedding from the first bell ring. 

A Wedding Videographer is a sound recordist too

The glorious feeling you will get when entering the venue with the loud music and guests’ enthusiastic clapping isn’t a scenario that anyone would get enough of. Thanks to the wedding videographer’s advanced camera, all sounds will be well captured. So, you can relive the experience fully with the sound effect and motions. Not only that, but you will get the chance to hear your vows again and give an ear to guests’ pleasing words and kind wishes. 

Unexpected moments are caught on video

While being extremely taken by the moment, exchanging love vows, having the first kiss, and enjoying the first dance, there will be a lot going on with guests. And believe us, you don’t want to miss any of them. There will be hilarious, emotional, and heartwarming moments.

Some guests might get drunk and have some funny situations; others might be in tears of happiness and say some kind words about how lovely you as a couple are; the best wedding videographer in Los Angeles will ensure all that is captured.

Personal moments with guests

Since you two will be the stars of the party and all eyes will be fixed on you, you definitely won’t be able to mingle with your loved ones and enjoy a special time with them. A videographer for a wedding will guarantee a full experience, and you will never miss a shot. You will be able to see friends and family enjoying their time and interacting with each other. 

And for those who didn’t get the chance to congratulate you in person, the wedding videographer will provide them with an exceptional opportunity to do so in front of the camera. And actually, the congratulatory part in the video will be a great addition and make it more intimate.

For those who missed it

For many out-of-will circumstances, some guests will not be able to make it to your wedding, which will be a big misfortune for you and them. But luckily, being physically present at the wedding isn’t the only way to attend it. Watching a professional video taken by an expert Lost Angeles wedding videographer will guarantee them a life-like experience, and they will feel that they were actually there. 

Wedding videos are easily shareable

Thanks to new technology, the wedding video isn’t a thick videotape that can’t be played without that old, dusty VCR, which no one still has. Instead, it’s a digital video that’s easily shareable to everyone, everywhere. For instance, you can send it to your distant friends who didn’t attend, upload a short clip from it on social media, or take it with you to a family gathering to be the sitting talk. 

Captured toasts that might be forgotten

Everyone gets increasingly emotional at weddings, and many hearting toasts and speeches will be given. Since it’s a long part of the wedding, you most likely won’t focus on the toast and will zoom out and just clap and draw a smile on your face. However, when the wedding ends, and you watch the video for the first time, the toast will be one of the most joyful parts. You will feel that you’re hearing them for the first time. 

Being able to relive the moment in motion and audio will make you regret each time you hesitate, “should I get a videographer for wedding?” 

Videographers create high-end films that are lifelong keepsakes

This is the answer that most videographers give to the famous question “why should I get a videographer for a wedding” because it’s a lifelong keepsake!

Fifteen years from now, the wedding video comes in handy when your future children get increasingly curious about how their dear parents got to know each other and finally got married. And for your and their good fortune, your wedding video won’t be a low-quality one like your parent’s video. Instead, they can watch you two clearly, live, and enjoy the experience fully. 

And actually, watching the wedding video with your partner will refresh your love and remind you of the golden days when you were a fresh newlywed. Trust us; the wedding videographer cost is never wasted. Here’s all you need to know about how much is a wedding videographer cost. 


After getting to know all these benefits of a wedding videographer, we believe you should start your search and find a local videographer to immortalize your big day. Forget about how much is a wedding videographer cost and stop wondering do I need a videographer for my wedding or not. Your wedding day has to live as long as your love, and you deserve to hire the best wedding videographer Los Angeles.


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