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It’s said that photos are time travel machines because they can bring back old memories and feelings. Therefore, you must document as many happy moments as possible because a glimpse at them in the future will make your day and draw a smile to your face. Besides your wedding day, what’s a more pleasant event than your engagement?

You’re blessed enough to live in a time when taking a photo is easy as winking, and collecting and sharing memories has become the trend. But, that’s not a dinner with friends or a Christmas family gathering; it’s an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime occasion where an ordinary selfie can’t do the job. Your engagement photographs need to be taken in memorable fascinating locations. 

In this article, The Regency team has collected for you lovebirds the best places in LA that will add to the beauty of your photographs.

LACMA, Wilshire Boulevard, LA

Your options are limitless when in the largest art museum in the western United States. There’re many outdoor locations for art enthusiasts in addition to in-museum ones. Here are our favorites:

The Urban Lights

With over 200 street lamps, the Urban Lights in front of the museum is one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles. The entrance requires no ticket or fee. So, you’ll get the chance to take stunning free photographs. We advise you to go there at night when the lights are on, and that’s when you’ll get the best of the spot. 

Levanted Mass

Even though the idea might seem scary, this boulder is very well installed. A picture under that megalith would be something extraordinary and innovative. The daytime is a better option as the sunbeam will perfectly combine with the rock and work as a breathtaking background.

Bradbury Building, Downtown LA

Feeling the nostalgia for the old days? That Italian renaissance building is one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles and will be an excellent background for your engagement pictures. 

You can keep it indoors and take photographs in the magical architectural maze, on the stairs, in walkways, or even in elevators. Actually, you can match the site by wearing the outfits of old times; it would be a unique and fun idea.

El Matador Beach, California

Sun-drenched beaches and azure seas have always been beautiful settings for all photos and events, making them the most incredible places to propose in Los Angeles. Along Malibu’s coast, three beaches stretch, and the most popular is El Matador. The beach features a vast expanse of sand and enormous rocks; it’s a romantic place Los Angeles for taking nature-influenced pictures. 

The massive rock is something that your camera shouldn’t miss. It has a series of different-sized arches that you can take some photographs under. Sunrise or sunset is the best shot. So, don’t miss them.

Moreover, the beach is full of sea caves, making it one of the most creative date ideas Los Angeles. You can set a dinner table and light it with candles; your partner will be absolutely speechless!

Griffiths Park Observatory, Mount Hollywood, LA

Griffiths Observatory is located on Mount Hollywood, which overlooks many great attractions. The view gets even better at night when the city lights are on. And since the observatory is sky-scraping, stars will shine, and the moon will rise, they will feel so close to being the best addition to this romantic spot in Los Angeles.

The stair leading to the telescope is one of the favorite photo locations for many proposal planners Los Angeles. You only have to make sure the sky and stars are clear.

The park is not great for engagement pictures; Griffiths Park is the spot for the best dates in Los Angeles; you can have a fun picnic there!

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, LA

Greystone Mansion was built in the 1920s. It’s a historical site that’s very well maintained. It sits on a hillside overlooking the best parts of LA. That filming location where many movies such as Spiderman and Star Trek were shot is a very romantic spot in Los Angeles for your lovely pictures.

Everything in this mansion is worth admiring, especially the outdoors; you will be mesmerized by the courtyard, extensive green gardens, fountains, waterfalls, pools, and royal stairs. It’s one of many wonderful places to propose in Los Angeles.

If you haven’t gotten down on one knee yet, you have to consider it in this magical setting. You’re allowed to take as many photographs as you want for free in that mansion’s grounds, but getting into it will require purchasing a ticket.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown, LA

Disney concert Hall is a modern architected wonder for your magnificent collection of love pictures if you’re not into historic locations. The building’s roof is a unique masterpiece and a perfect photo background; it’s a curving stainless-steel roof inspired by a boat and sails. If your girlfriend is an opera enthusiast and loves to attend live music concerts, this landmark is one of the best places to propose in Los Angeles.  

Union Station, Downtown LA

Union Station is one of the most outstanding historical buildings in LA. As bizarre as the idea might sound, engagement photos in a station is a very creative and out-of-the-box idea.

You will be amazed by the Spanish architectural style inside and outside of the building. You can take pictures in the neatly arranged hall or next to trains. Using some luggage and suitcases will make the photographs more special and match the location perfectly. Furthermore, there’re many good restaurants and cafes there, if you’re thinking of having the best date in Los Angeles. 

Santa Monica Pier & Beach, Downtown, LA

Are you looking to enjoy one of the best dates in Los Angeles? The Santa Monica Pier is an iconic spot to have the utmost fun and take joyful pictures. What distinguishes this site as the best place in LA is the solar-paneled Ferris wheel which is the one and only in the whole world; you shouldn’t miss a picture while taking a ride on it.

In addition, you two can take pictures on the beach while playing volleyball and riding bikes. It is a memorable and creative date Los Angeles you will enjoy. Actually, proposal planners Los Angeles consider this spot as an outstanding place to propose since all girls are in love with amusement parks. 

Los Angeles Arboretum, Arcadia, LA

The 127-acre botanical garden located in Arcadia is the best place to propose in Los Angeles if she’s a naturalist girl, as many proposal planners Los Angeles suggests. The arboretum’s garden is the house of all kinds of plants from all around the world; there’re plants from Asia, the Mediterranean, South Africa, and many others. 

Arboretum also features a bevy of friendly peafowl; having one in your engagement pictures would be an extraordinary addition. Inspired by the Victorian style, the red-and-white Queen Anne cottage would also serve as a beautiful background for your engagement pictures. 

Hotel Wilshire Roof

What would be more romantic than a dinner on the top of Hollywood city! Take your honey to the Pop-up at hotel Wilshire and enjoy the breathtaking 360-views over Beverly Hills and the most delicious and diverse cousin. Wilshire is the best site for rooftop proposal Los Angeles; the calm lighting and the small pool are the dreamy and most romantic spots in Los Angeles for such a unique event. 

The Huntington Library and Garden, San Marino, LA

The Huntington Library, with its classical architecture and immense building, makes it one of the best places in LA. The green fields and ornamental fountains are fascinating backdrops.

The botanical gardens in Huntington feature more than 14,000 varieties of plants from around the world. The extensive garden is divided into 14 themed gardens; the most famous are Desert Garden, Shakespeare Garden, and Lily Ponds. You will be fascinated by the colorful plants, flowers, and evergreen trees.

So, even if you didn’t get the chance to take your engagement pictures in the Huntington Library or garden, never miss the chance to visit this romantic place Los Angeles as a couple, as there’s a lot more to do and see.

Los Angeles City Hall, LA

Until 1960, the city hall was once the highest building in Los Angeles. Even though this site isn’t one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles, the city hall has beautiful architecture and is a wise and classic option for engagement photographs. You can take photos inside the building in walkways and stairways, or you can keep it outdoors and have the tall building and the green trees as your backdrop. 

LA Rooftop Sky Garden

Rooftop Sky Garden is located on the 5th floor of the Peninsula Beverly Hills overlooking Los Angeles from a perfect angle. This garden is the best for rooftop proposal Los Angeles as it features a variety of plants and trees.

It’s also cozy and great for a relaxed dinner or lunch. But if you want our advice, Sky Garden becomes one of the most romantic places Los Angeles at night; a dinner next to the fireplace is an unbeatable proposal idea Los Angeles

Millard Canyon

Are you considering an adventurous and creative date idea Los Angeles? A hike in Millard Canyon is the way to go. The spectacular waterfalls aren’t something anyone would be happy leaving behind without a memorable picture. The views of Angeles National Forest are also very much worthy of admiration.

And if you’re looking for the best place to propose in Los Angeles, you can turn Millard Canyon falls into the most romantic spot in Los Angeles by setting up your tent and camping there with your partner. Start a fire, get the marshmallow sticks, and it will be the best place to propose in Los Angeles. Surprise her and get down on one knee.

Corona Lake

This lake is one of the most lovely and romantic spots in Los Angeles. The green landscape and the water element are perfect for nature photography, date, or even a proposal. One of our favorite proposal ideas Los Angeles is to pop the question on a boat. “Surprise your lover and hide the ring in a shell. Make sure to document the moment and take a picture of her first reaction; that will be your first engagement photo,” as a proposal planner Los Angeles suggests. 


Los Angeles is full of the best photo locations; here, we put together the top fifteen. So, no matter how soon your wedding is, choose your favorite site and make sure you take as many memorable engagement photos; as they will be able to take you back to these lovely times whenever you look at them.

Keep commemorating the unrepeatable occasions; the happy moment that passes will never come back, so take a picture whenever you can.

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