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Every year you get one chance to celebrate your birthday. However, sometimes it’s boring to throw the same birthday party or fake a happy face when your friends secretly arrange the same birthday surprise ideas as the year before.

It’s time to get out of the box and celebrate your birthday differently. The stereotypical styles of celebrating a birthday aren’t an option; this year’s celebration should be unique and memorable.

There’s no need to ask Google, “what are the best things to do near me for birthdays?” as the Regency team has gathered a lot of fun stuff to do on your birthday in LA.

Go on a cruise

If today is your birthday, there’s no better way to blow out the candles than on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Celebrating your birthday in the heart of the ocean is definitely an unprecedented idea. In addition, there will be plenty of stuff to do on your birthday while on a cruise.

You can take unique pictures and have quality time with your loved ones. You can also enjoy some snacks and take a drink. Los Angeles Yacht Charter offers a variety of creative birthday ideas for the birthday girl/boy, for example, Aloha sea, Bon Voyage (milestone age), and a birthday brunch cruise. 

Be adventurous at LA theme parks

Still confused about what to do for your birthday? You’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, the home of the most popular amusement parks in the world. 

Disneyland Park

If you want to feel extra special on your birthday, we advise you to celebrate it in Disneyland Park, as you’ll be receiving birthday wishes from everyone that might get in your way.

You only have to get a birthday button from Disneyland’s city hall; it’s free! This birthday button will be the VIP card that will make everyone heartwarmingly kind to you. And if you’re staying in a Disneyland-owned hotel, the staff might arrange some sweet birthday surprise ideas to make your day.

The Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

For hundreds of years, the Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier has been a landmark of California. What to do for your birthday on Santa Monica pier? Get a ride on the famous Ferris Wheel that will take you one hundred thirty feet higher than the ocean’s surface and capture the most memorable birthday pictures.

It would be great to hold your birthday balloon while on the wheel to add some party vibes to the picture. That’s not all! You can also enjoy roller coasters, thrill rides, and many others. Pacific Park has many great restaurants, so whenever you get hungry, you can have the best meal in one of the birthday dinner places. Beach Burger is our favorite; don’t forget to order their famous crinkle fries.

Visit LA zoo

Spending a couple of hours in the LA zoo would be pure entertainment if you adore the animal kingdom. The LA zoo is home to more than 2,200 animals of all species. So, there’ll be many creative birthday ideas to implement and a lot to watch.

Many will advise you to plan what to do for your birthday in the zoo by looking at the park’s map and deciding on the places you want to visit and the animals you’re excited to get to know. But, the truth is, at the LA Zoo, you won’t be able to stick to the plan, and you’ll find yourself mesmerized by many animals and places you haven’t included in the plan list. 

One of our favorite parts of the LA zoo is the giant bird cage; it isn’t something you want to miss. All kinds of birds will be magically roaming around you. If you’re looking for birthday dinner places, we advise you to have them at the zoo grill; there’s a diversity of options to select from, and you’ll enjoy the lovely outdoors.

It’ll be a long joyful trip; pull off comfortable shoes and have a walk around, and whenever you feel tired, hop on the shuttle. By that, you’ll get the chance to discover the whole zoo without getting exhausted.  

Take a day trip

Think no more about what to do for a birthday trip to Los Angeles, as one of its beaches must be on the top of your list. Take our word, the beaches in Los Angeles aren’t less remarkable than the Hollywood sign or Disneyland park.

You only have to search for “beaches and places to go for a birthday near me” as there are many beaches in LA. For example, you can hit the road to Will Rogers State Beach, El Matador Beach, Venice Beach, or any other beach.

What to do for a birthday on a beach? Get your swimsuit and get ready to dive deep into the water. And if you’re feeling so energetic and ready to welcome the new year doing a fun sport, rent a bicycle and ride along the coast with the gang. 

In addition, camping is one of the most adventurous stuff to do on your birthday, and the beach is one of the best birthday dinner places. So, we advise you to get the fishing tools with you, as catching and cooking your lunch by yourself would be the best birthday gift. Set your tent, light a fire, and get that lunch ready.

Circling around with friends and playing truth or dare while roasting marshmallows will be an unforgettable memory of a lovely and unique celebration. And your friends might arrange some birthday surprise ideas to make this trip even more special. 

Go wine tasting

The delicious flavors of wine should be tasted and admired fully. If you’re a wine admirer, that’s what to do for your birthday. Many shops in Los Angeles are all ready to serve the finest wine you’ve ever tasted.

You can go all white or all red, it’s your birthday, and the wine theme is up to you to choose. You can search for wine-tasting places to go for your birthday near me. Or, you can take our advice and go to The Wine House. It’s a wine warehouse where all the wine types you have ever heard of or thought about testing will be served to you immediately, and there’s no need to make a reservation in advance.

Show off your racing skills

Are you feeling the need for some speed on your birthday? The wheel is yours, and there’s no need to push the brakes. Visiting one of the LA cart racing spots is the best thing to do for your birthday and the most fun way to satisfy your adrenaline rush on such a special day. K1 Speed Torrance is the way to get an enthusiastic and safe racing experience. The indoor kart trucks feature a Protex barrier system that ensures the utmost safety in case any accident happens. So, even if you lack racing skill, you’ll be alright. You can also celebrate your day there, enjoy private racing with friends, and take advantage of the group package. 

Have a picnic

If today is your birthday, and the weather is sunny and warm, load all the picnic supplies into your straw basket and get the blanket. The fun you’ll have at a picnic in the very heart of mother nature is incomparable to any creative birthday idea.

The old zoo at Griffith Park is one of our favorite spots for a picnic. You can make BBQ on the grills available in the park or bring your own snacks and beverages. You won’t be puzzled about what to do for your birthday, as Griffith Park is full of many fun activities. You can hop on a horse and discover Griffith’s wonders; you will also get the chance to visit the zoo and celebrate your birthday with your favorite animals.

Sing your heart out with friends

Who says that only those who have amazing voices can sing! When it’s your birthday, singing in the shower shouldn’t be the way to state your desire to perform your favorite melodies; what to do for birthday? You should go karaoke. One of the best bars in Los Angeles for the most enjoyable karaoke experience is Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge. The bar has 37 private karaoke rooms if you’re more into a private space. You’ll definitely enjoy the best drinks and tasty food as well. Lastly, the bar’s interior design is exceptional and perfectly suitable for outstanding birthday pictures. 


Each birthday should be unique and memorable in its way, and the creative birthday ideas we gathered for you are the most fun way to commemorate this special day.

The Regency team wishes you the happiest birthday; enjoy it!

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