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So, it’s time to wear the ring on your left fourth finger and officially become Mrs. married. Your marriage will be a turning point in your life; you will be attached to that man you have chosen for no one knows how long, and your life of happiness or misery is about to start. But, no matter what the case is, you better start your new journey on the right foot by planning a great nuptial.

The truth is, the definition of a great wedding differs from one bride to another. For many, it’s an extravagant and fancy celebration; for others, it’s only about the intimate gathering for the most loved ones and say “I do.”

However, If you are one of the people who have no clue and don’t know whether it should be a simple or a showy wedding, we’re here for you, puzzled bride, and we will solve the riddle. If you’re considering a small wedding but still unsure whether it’s the right call, get to know its top benefits and drawbacks, and make your mind accordingly.

The benefits of smaller weddings

If you’re not keen on inviting each and every member on the family tree to your wedding and want to keep your celebration private and intimate, a small wedding would be a super great idea. The advantages of a small wedding are many; here’re some. 


Having a wedding means declaring your love to the public and announcing changing your last name to his, as simple as that! So, there’s no need for this lovely, sweet event to drain your bank account and break your budget.

A small wedding will guarantee you will enjoy the wedding experience without regretting spending a fortune on an enormous wedding venue, various food selections, and many decorating items to fill the large venue.

Instead, you will replace the extravagant wedding plans with small wedding ideas to make it an adorable intimate event for your loved ones only, in a place where you and your partner feel like yourselves, just two simple, unpretentious people tying the knot and enjoying their big day spontaneously. 

And actually, the money saved on the big wedding could be employed to plan the honeymoon or even the honeymoons of your dreams. You will be able to stretch your honeymoon budget, consequently expand your options and be generous on the intimate vacation for the two of you only.

In addition, you can earmark the money saved on the costly wedding to improve your current house, purchase a car, or even economize for your future kids’ college.

Fewer guests

Having a big wedding will compel you to invite people you don’t enjoy spending time with, and you might haven’t seen in ages. 

You know that guests are who make or break the celebration, so why risk your once-in-a-lifetime event by inviting those who will spoil it for you? It’s not worth it. Come with some small wedding ideas at home, and feel free to invite all those you love and cancel anyone you don’t feel happy around. 

When you plan a small wedding, you will only be surrounded by your dearest and most beloved family members and friends. You will enjoy your groom’s company and have enough time to dance and enjoy the evening instead of roaming the huge wedding venue greeting this and saying bye to that

This intimate celebration will allow you to get amused with your unique celebration to the max. Moreover, keep in mind that a small guest list means less space to rent, less food to serve, and less stress to deal with. 

A chance to host a destination wedding

If you’re wondering how to have a small wedding without hurting your acquaintances’ feelings, a destination wedding is an ultimate answer.

A destination wedding is a way to host the small wedding you’ve been dreaming about without the intervention of distant relatives or unwanted guests. Because actually, people won’t be encouraged to travel across states or even outside the US to attend your wedding if they aren’t close friends or dear family members.

A destination wedding will enable you to implement the small wedding ideas you want, from decorations to wedding favors, without having a guilty conscience. 

The drawbacks of smaller weddings

The small wedding experience will surround you with your loved ones and save you money. However, a small wedding isn’t all roses. Instead, you will face many problems during and after planning your intimate wedding.

So, before getting excited and starting squeezing your guest list and managing your budget, get to know the drawbacks of a small wedding. 

Potential hidden costs

Even if you decide to plan a small wedding and reduce the budget, there will always be some hidden expenses you haven’t taken into consideration through the planning phase.

Setting a budget for a small wedding is a real challenge, and no matter how hard you try to make it right and ensure you’ve included all expenses from A to Z, some things will pop out and stretch your budget. 

The truth is, many couples overlook many expenses, including the small wedding ideas for favors, vendor trails, the marriage license fees, taxes, rental transport, parking, and others. So, don’t cheer up no matter how modest your wedding budget is because, at one stage or another, the hidden expenses will overspend. 


Planning a wedding is already a tense challenge, but knowing how to have a small wedding is even more tedious. Adhering to a tight budget and sticking to cheap small wedding ideas won’t be easy, we’re telling you. Let alone dealing with upset and mad family members and friends will be a lot to deal with. 

You will be contacting and meeting many vendors and having limitless venue tours until you finally settle for the service providers that most fit your small wedding guest list and tiny budget needs. In addition, planning a small wedding means you won’t be able to hire a wedding planner; all the preparations fall on you and your partner. So, most likely, your power, as well as your groom’s, will be drained until the wedding finally takes place.

Post wedding regrets

A wedding is one of the long awaited events in one’s life, and everyone strives to make it outstanding and memorable by renting the most lavish venue, going big with the decorations ideas, and serving all kinds of delicious foods. However, when being limited to a tight budget and few small wedding ideas, the chances of hosting the dream wedding are poor. 

And no matter how reconciled you are with the idea of planning a small wedding, it will probably hit you each time you attend a fancy wedding. You would regret that you gave up hosting the dreamy wedding and were contented with a simple celebration and small wedding ideas at home. 


With all the facts mentioned above in mind, it’s your big day, and you decide to host a big fancy nuptial or a small, simple one. So, examine the benefits and drawbacks of planning a small wedding, and make up your mind about it. 

It will be a tough decision, so good luck with that. But if a small wedding is, we will have your back and guide you through every step. Here, you will find all that you should know about how to have a small wedding. 

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