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The wedding season has kicked off, and couples all around the world have started planning the details about the big day, including the invitations, food selections, venue, and definitely, the decorations.

Actually, figuring out how to decorate your wedding venue is among the most challenging tasks you will be in front of during your wedding planning phases. And with many wedding trends and even more 2023 wedding color trends, the task is becoming even more tedious. But remember, good decoration is what will transfer your wedding venue and make your party stand out among many in the season. 

So, to make things a bit easier for you and ensure you host the nuptial of your dreams, we’ve put together the top five wedding trends 2023 that will appeal to you and your guests.

Family photo table

The family photo table is among the top wedding trends 2023. It’s a very intimate and sweet way to show tribute to your parents and grandparents or even share your and your future wife’s old photographs and memories.

There are limitless ideas for arranging your family photo table and more trendy wedding colors 2023 to use. For example, if your event’s theme is rustic, you can place a wooden board on a rustic table and pin some photographs of you and your spouse during your childhood, adolescence, and engagement. Arranging some flowers and greenery would very much match the rustic theme.

In addition, using some fancy photo frames would add a very elegant touch to your reception. You can place them on a round glass table at the reception and arrange some feather bouquets in outstanding vases. Feather is a huge wedding trend now, matching almost all 2023 wedding colors and themes.

LED lighting

The decoration ideas that could be implemented using LED lights are endless. In addition, they’re absolutely flexible; you can use them on the aisle, arch, ceiling, tables, literally everywhere.

For example, you can use string lights in the ceiling as a tent. The glowy effect they will have over the venue will be spectacular; however, this light setup is only advisable in outdoor venues.

You can also use lanterns, as they’re some of the prevailing, growing wedding trends. Actually, no matter which color of the 2023 wedding color trends you prefer, lanterns are available in all designs and colors. You can arrange them all through the aisle with some flowers, greenery, or even candles. 

They would also look absolutely magnificent on your indoor venue’s stairs. You can pull your long train gown inspired by the 2023 wedding dress trends on the glowing celestial stairs and have a unique entrance with your partner.  

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Floral centerpieces

The floral item never fails to add an aromatic scent and a romantic feeling to your special day. Flowers aren’t one of wedding trends 2023 only; rather, they’re an all-time trend that never gets old or less captivating. Actually, the decorations of most weddings were merely dependent on the floral and greenery items.

Still, in our days, where many wedding decoration trends emerged from earthy to feather, flowers are still a VIP guest in all weddings regardless of the theme. Even if flowers aren’t your celebration’s theme, they could have a very strong and effective presence on guests’ tables.

Floral centerpieces are one of the top wedding trends. The flower arrangements wedding decorators are renewing are many, and some will definitely appeal to you. For example, if you’re into simple 2023 wedding color trends, you can use a small, simple centerpiece of white buds.

Or, if you’re more into something unique, colorful, and sparingly there’re wide options for you to select from. The enclosed centerpieces are mushrooming as special centerpieces for elegant weddings. You can include the most popular 2023 wedding colors for flowers, including peach, beige, orange, and pink.

Another dreamy wedding trend is the hanging floral centerpiece; you go easy on the flowers on the table and keep them simple, yet go creative on the hanging flowers overhead. We recommend using only three of the top wedding color trends in 2023, and white should be dominant. By that, you will add a fascinating touch without crossing the exaggeration line.

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Ceiling décor

When your venue floor is extremely crowded, and there’s no way to add any additional decoration items, decorate the ceiling! A neat and classical ceiling will dress up your venue without making it packed.

However, you should always pick the right colors. Strong colors like yellow, orange and red are among the top 2023 wedding colors, yet they might turn your venue into an irritating spot if used in the ceiling. Instead, we recommend using white, pink, beige, peach, light blue, or greenery. Anything that matches your event’s theme is great but always stay away from strong colors.

As for the design, white drapes work as a classic ceiling decoration; it’s a safe and luxurious touch. Ensure you use good fabric; silk would do the trick. But you will still need a colorful item to break the boredom. You can incorporate some string lights, chandeliers, flowers, or even some fake branches. 

Another ceiling décor idea we adore is the floral ceiling installations. You would never go wrong with the best wedding colors 2023, an ombre of white, pink, and purple. These magical colors will shine back on the dance floor and add a dramatic and soothing effect.

Menu cards

Sometimes, you can create beauty in little details. And menu cards are one of these cute little details that will make a difference to your wedding table setting. Obviously, the wedding experience isn’t the same as the restaurant experience; you can’t just prepare some basic and plain menus. Rather, the wedding menus must have a romantic touch, something that connects with the atmosphere and matches your event’s theme.

When it comes to these little details, go big, as taking care of small things the right way will make them outstanding and memorable. So, never feel restricted to using cardboard or paper only. You can design your menus of wood or glass or even use the plates themselves as menus. Options are limitless, and here you will find many menus and wedding trends to inspire from.


The role that wedding decoration play is crucial, it’s your way to express your preferences and likings. And really, no matter whether you wore one of the 2023 wedding dress trends or rented the most outstanding venue in town, you will still need that WOW effect that will complete your venue and your bridal look.

Think about the wedding trends 2023 we put together for you and pick the idea or ideas that most fit your wedding theme and style. Keep the 2023 wedding colors trends in mind, and good luck planning your wedding!

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