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Planning your baby’s first birthday party is a momentous occasion. It’s about celebrating their first year and your first year as parents. Here are over 70 unique and creative 1st birthday party theme ideas to help you plan this special day!

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Theme

Throw a classic Disney-themed party with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Dress your little birthday boy or girl in their best Mickey or Minnie outfit, and use red, white, and polka dot colors for your party supplies. Include Mickey Mouse-shaped sandwiches or Minnie Mouse-shaped cookies for an adorable touch. Don’t forget to add a beautiful Minnie or Mickey Mouse-themed cake for the birthday bash!

2. Ice Cream Party

An ice cream-themed party is a sweet idea, perfect for a summer birthday. Set up an ice cream bar with various flavors, toppings, and fun sprinkle choices. You could even include small ice cream-shaped party favors, like soaps or candles, for the adults. And the pièce de résistance? An ice cream-shaped smash cake for the birthday boy or girl!

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” theme is perfect for both boys and girls. A yellow, blue, and white color palette will make your party space feel celestial. Star-shaped decorations can be hung around the room, and don’t forget the star-shaped cookies and cake! You can even include a little reading corner with star-themed books for the kids.

4. Dr. Seuss Theme

A Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party is a fun idea. You can use bright and bold colors inspired by the whimsical illustrations in his books. Decorate with favorite characters like The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and 2, and Horton the Elephant. Include a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday cake and cupcakes decorated with recognizable items from the books!

5. Wild West Adventure

Bring the adventurous spirit to your little one’s big day with a Wild West Birthday theme. Decorate with cowboy hats, bandanas, and hay bales. Guests can dress up in Wild West-inspired costumes. You can also arrange for pony rides for an authentic touch!

6. Teddy Bear Tea Party

Arrange a Teddy Bear Tea Party for a classic and adorable celebration. Decorate with teddy bears of all shapes and sizes. You can serve snacks like sandwiches and fruit cut into bear shapes and offer iced tea for the adults. For the cake, consider a cute teddy bear design.

7. Princess Party

A princess birthday party is a classic theme for a girl’s birthday. Dress your little girl in a beautiful princess dress, and decorate the space with tiaras, wands, and balloons in a pink and gold color scheme. Include a princess-themed birthday cake and a crown for the birthday girl!

8. Under the Sea Adventure

Inspire a sense of adventure with an Under the Sea theme. Decorate with blue balloons, fish-shaped cutouts, and seashell decorations. Serve seafood like mini shrimp cocktails and fish-shaped sandwiches. Don’t forget an under-the-sea-themed cake!

9. Alice in Wonderland

Create a whimsical atmosphere with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Use teapots and cups for decorations and serve ‘eat me’ cookies and ‘drink me’ beverages. The birthday cake can be designed with characters like the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, or Alice herself.

10. Bee-Day Party

Celebrate your little one’s “Bee-Day” with a bee-themed party. Use yellow and black for your color scheme and decorate with honeycomb patterns and bee cutouts. Consider serving honey-based desserts and drinks. For the birthday cake, a cute honeybee design would be perfect.

11. Superhero Party

Celebrate your little hero with a superhero-themed party. Guests can come dressed as their favorite superheroes, and you can decorate with superhero logos and colors. Think about serving super sandwiches and hero cupcakes. A superhero cake would be the icing on top!

12. Jungle Safari Party

Take a walk on the wild side with a jungle safari-themed party. Decorate with animal print balloons and jungle-themed party supplies. Consider animal-shaped sandwiches and a jungle-themed cake.

13. Farmyard Friends

If your little one loves animals, a farmyard friends party could be the perfect theme. Decorate with animal balloons and party supplies. You could even hire a mobile petting zoo to visit.

14. Dinosaur Stomp

For a roaring good time, consider a dinosaur-themed party. Decorate with dinosaur footprints and serve dinosaur-shaped cookies. Don’t forget the dinosaur birthday cake!

15. Magical Unicorn

Add some magic to the day with a unicorn-themed party. Use pastel colors and decorate with unicorn and rainbow party supplies. A unicorn cake is a must for this theme.

16. Space Adventure

Take your party to the stars with a space-themed party. Decorate with stars, planets, and astronauts. Serve “alien” fruit skewers and a space-themed birthday cake.

17. Circus Spectacular

A circus-themed party is a fun idea. Use red and white stripes for your color scheme and decorate with popcorn and cotton candy stands. A clown or magician can provide entertainment.

18. Fairy Garden

A fairy garden party is a delightful birthday theme for a little girl. Decorate with fairy lights, toadstools, and butterflies. Serve fairy bread and a beautiful fairy-themed cake.

19. Construction Site

A construction site party is a fun idea for little builders. Use black and yellow for your color scheme and serve “construction” snacks like pretzel “logs” and cheese “bricks”. A construction-themed cake would be a hit!

20. Pirate Treasure Hunt

For a swashbuckling good time, consider a pirate-themed party. Decorate with pirate flags and treasure chests. Plan a treasure hunt for the little ones and serve a pirate ship cake.

21. Garden Party

Celebrate your little one’s birthday with a garden party. Decorate with lots of flowers and greenery. Organize fun outdoor games and serve fresh fruit and a garden-themed cake.

22. Nautical Party

A nautical party is a great idea for little sailors. Use blue and white for your color scheme and decorate with anchors and boats. A boat-shaped cake would be a hit!

23. Hot Air Balloon Party

Take your celebration to the skies with a hot air balloon-themed party. Decorate with colorful balloons and clouds. Serve cloud-shaped sandwiches and a hot air balloon cake.

24. Little Chef Party

A little chef party is a fun idea. Decorate with chef hats and aprons, and organize a mini cooking class for the little ones. A chef-themed birthday cake would be perfect.

25. Woodland Friends

A woodland friend’s party is an adorable theme. Decorate with cute forest animals and serve “forest” snacks like berries and nuts. A woodland-themed cake would be a hit!

26. Cars and Trucks Party

A cars and trucks party is a fun idea for little drivers. Decorate with car and truck decorations and serve traffic light sandwiches (with layers of red, yellow, and green). A car-themed cake would be perfect!

27. Sports Party

A sports-themed party is a great idea for active little ones. Organize mini-games of soccer, basketball, or baseball, and serve sports-themed snacks. A sports-themed cake would be a hit!

28. Royal Prince or Princess Party

Celebrate your little prince or princess with a royal-themed party. Decorate with crowns and tiaras and serve royal snacks like ‘prince’ pretzels and ‘princess’ popcorn. A castle-shaped cake would be perfect!

29. Rainbow Party

Brighten up your celebration with a rainbow-themed party. Decorate with colorful balloons and streamers, and serve rainbow fruit skewers and cupcakes. Don’t forget the rainbow birthday cake!

30. Music Party

A music-themed party is a fun idea. Decorate with musical notes and instruments, and organize a mini music class. A music-themed cake would be a hit!

31. Bunny Party

A bunny-themed party is an adorable idea. Decorate with bunny balloons and serve bunny-shaped sandwiches. A bunny-themed birthday cake would be perfect!

32. Fiesta Party

Spice up your celebration with a fiesta-themed party. Decorate with bright colors and sombreros, and serve mini tacos and churros. A fiesta-themed cake would be a hit!

33. Firefighter Party

A firefighter-themed party is a fun idea. Decorate with firefighter hats and fire truck decorations. You could even organize a visit from your local fire station!

34. Butterfly Party

A butterfly-themed party is a beautiful idea. Decorate with butterfly decorations and serve butterfly-shaped sandwiches. A butterfly-themed cake would be perfect!

35. Mermaid Party

Make a splash with a mermaid-themed party. Decorate with seashells and starfish, and serve sea-themed snacks. A mermaid cake would be a hit!

36. Super Mario Party

For a gaming-inspired party, consider a Super Mario-themed celebration. Decorate with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach decorations, and serve mushroom-shaped snacks. A Super Mario cake would be perfect!

37. Winter Wonderland Party

Consider a Winter Wonderland party if your little one’s birthday is in winter. Decorate with snowflakes and icy blue balloons, and serve winter-themed snacks like snowman-shaped sandwiches. A winter wonderland cake would look amazing!

38. Outer Space Party

An Outer Space party is an excellent idea for future astronauts. Decorate with stars and planets, and serve space-themed snacks like “alien” fruit skewers. A space-themed cake would be a hit!

39. Farm Animal Party

Celebrate with a farm animal party. Decorate with animal balloons and serve animal-shaped sandwiches. A farm-themed birthday cake would be perfect!

40. Aviation Adventure

For a high-flying celebration, consider an aviation adventure-themed party. Decorate with airplane decorations and serve airplane-shaped sandwiches. An airplane-themed cake would be a hit!

41. Paw Patrol Party

If your little one is a fan of the show, a Paw Patrol party is a great idea. Decorate with Paw Patrol decorations and serve pup-themed snacks. A Paw Patrol cake would be perfect!

42. Sesame Street Party

A Sesame Street party is a fun idea. Decorate with Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster decorations, and serve Sesame Street-themed snacks. A Sesame Street cake would be a hit!

43. Animal Jungle Party

An Animal Jungle party is a great idea for little explorers. Decorate with jungle animal decorations and serve animal-shaped sandwiches. A jungle-themed cake would be perfect!

44. Underwater Adventure

Dive into fun with an underwater adventure party. Decorate with fish and ocean decorations, and serve under-the-sea-themed snacks. An underwater-themed cake would be a hit!

45. Monster Mash

A Monster Mash party is a fun idea. Decorate with colorful monster decorations and serve monster-themed snacks. A monster-themed cake would be perfect!

46. Peppa Pig Party

A Peppa Pig party is a great idea if your little one loves Peppa Pig. Decorate with Peppa Pig decorations and serve Peppa-themed snacks. A Peppa Pig cake would be a hit!

47. Toy Story Party

A Toy Story party is a fun idea. Decorate with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other Toy Story character decorations, and serve Toy Story-themed snacks. A Toy Story cake would be perfect!

48. Superhero Squad Party

Celebrate with a Superhero Squad party. Guests can come dressed as their favorite superheroes, and you can decorate with superhero logos and colors. A superhero cake would be a hit!

49. Fairy Tale Party

A Fairy Tale party is a magical idea. Decorate with fairy lights and princess or prince decorations, and serve fairy tale-themed snacks. A fairytale-themed cake would be perfect!

50. Pirate Adventure Party

For a swashbuckling good time, consider a pirate adventure party. Decorate with pirate flags and treasure chests, and serve pirate-themed snacks. A pirate-themed cake would be a hit!

51. Robot Revolution

For a futuristic celebration, consider a robot-themed party. Decorate with robot decorations and serve robot-shaped sandwiches. A robot-themed cake would be perfect!

52. Rainforest Party

Venture into the wild with a rainforest-themed party. Decorate with tropical colors, plants, and animal decorations. Serve tropical fruits and a jungle-inspired cake.

53. Race Car Party

Zoom into fun with a race car-themed party. Use checkered flags and car decorations. Serve snacks shaped like cars and a racetrack-shaped cake.

54. Tea Party

Host a quaint and charming tea party for your little one. Use pastel colors, teacups, and tea party decorations. Serve mini sandwiches and a teapot-shaped cake.

55. Lego Party

Build a fantastic party with a Lego theme. Use primary colors and Lego decorations. Serve cube-shaped snacks and a Lego-inspired cake.

56. Under the Sea Party

Dive into a fantastic underwater adventure with an under-the-sea-themed party. Decorate with blue hues, fish, and sea creatures. Serve fish-shaped snacks and a sea-themed cake.

57. Barnyard Bash

Host a barnyard bash with farm animal decorations. Serve farm-fresh snacks and a barnyard-inspired cake.

58. Pajama Party

Host a cozy and casual pajama party. Ask guests to come in their favorite pajamas. Serve breakfast foods and a dreamy cloud-shaped cake.

59. Sunshine Party

Brighten the day with a sunshine-themed party. Decorate with yellow hues and sun decorations. Serve sunny-side-up snacks and a sun-shaped cake.

60. Teddy Bear Picnic

Host a sweet teddy bear picnic party. Ask guests to bring their favorite teddy. Serve picnic-style food and a teddy bear-shaped cake.

61. Nursery Rhyme Party

Celebrate with a nursery rhyme-themed party. Use storybook decorations and favorite characters. Serve themed snacks from popular nursery rhymes and a storybook-inspired cake.

62. Candy Land Party

Make the day extra sweet with a Candy Land-themed party. Decorate with bright colors and candy decorations. Serve sweet treats and a candy-inspired cake.

63. Train Party

All aboard for a train-themed party. Use train decorations and serve snacks in train car-style containers. A train cake is a must!

64. Wizard Party

Cast a spell of fun with a wizard-themed party. Use magical decorations and serve enchanted treats. A wizard hat-shaped cake would be a hit!

65. Beach Party

Bring the beach to your backyard with a beach-themed party. Use sand, shells, and beach ball decorations. Serve beachy snacks and a beach-themed cake.

66. Doll Party

Celebrate with a doll-themed party. Use doll decorations and serve dainty snacks. A doll cake would be perfect!

67. Superstar Party

Roll out the red carpet for a superstar-themed party. Use star decorations and serve star-shaped snacks. A star-shaped cake would be perfect!

68. Cowboy/Cowgirl Party

Yee-haw! Throw a cowboy/cowgirl-themed party. Use Western decorations and serve BBQ snacks. A cowboy hat or horse-shaped cake would be perfect!

69. Penguin Party

Chill out with a penguin-themed party. Use icy blue decorations and serve cold treats. A penguin-shaped cake would be adorable!

70. Minnie Mouse Party

For a Disney fan, a Minnie Mouse-themed party would be perfect. Use Minnie Mouse decorations and serve mouse-shaped snacks. A Minnie Mouse cake would be a hit!

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